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Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination


Thank you very much to Orbs Delight for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This my very first award nomination and I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it! The Orbs Delight site has been an inspiration to this neophyte blogger and has much to offer anyone with a sense of wonder and joy. Please visit and lose yourself in the glory of the orbs.

I still don’t completely understand the workings of these awards and am again grateful to Orbs Delight for some guidance. My tech skills aren’t all that impressive either so I will try to follow the rules regarding linking, but may be a little slow to figure all the ins and outs out. So to speak. The Very Inspiring Blogger Award comes with the responsibility of nominating 15 blogs for the honor, displaying the award on your blog, linking back to the one who nominated you, and telling 7 unknown things about oneself. Hmmm:

The 7 unknowns –  1. I read at all meals if possible; 2. My totem is an elephant; 3. I must live next to the water; 4. Shopping to me is wandering down a beach picking up stones and shells; 5. I know scads of totally irrelevant trivia; 6. I do not photograph people; 7. My favorite color is blue.

Now for the nominations, in no discernible order:

Ben’s Bitter Blog –, for the wry, dry humor that makes it easy to laugh at ourselves

Canadian Hiking Photography – for their stunning photographs and stories that make you just go there

Orbs Delight – for an alternate look at the world around us

Sethsnap – for lovely pictures done often and well; and the chance to speak our minds

Sass & Balderdash – for making one laugh rather than cry at the world

Leanne Cole Photography – for inspiring learning more about the craft of photography

Photosheppard – for stunning images and more inspiration

Theimaginationmuscle – for striking a chord

Post by Robbie Lee – for amazing reblogs

These are all the sites I’m following so far and they have inspired me, but I don’t have more nominations. I hope this will be suffice and I welcome any additions that may be suggested. The more the merrier. Let the seeds be blown…


Author: EllenphanPhotos

I've been struck many times by the thoughts that run through my head when I'm outdoors and contemplating nothing in particular. The thoughts can be profound or silly, sad or joyful, relevant or not. But they're always there. And with just a bit of concentration they can lead to the most astonishing places and on the most convoluted trails. Exploring those vagaries and jigs and jogs is fun. I'm attempting to find more of these trails to see if they lead anywhere or nowhere, because even nowhere is somewhere. The bits and pieces of the outdoors help to make the indoors survivable. Photos help bring the outdoors in and remind me of many of the thoughts I had while still outside, a very valuable tool they are, too.

3 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nomination

  1. Thank you very much! I am truly touched by your kind words. A very inspiring post. And, if you ever figure out how to streamline the links like some of our more savvy acquaintances, let me know!

  2. How dare you nominate me for an inspiring blog! I work hard to make sure that people know about my bitterness through my blog and now you go and do this. Isn’t there some bitterest blog award? Congrats to you anyways!

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