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Need can overtake us upon occasion so strongly that we attempt to do things or to acquire things we would normally leave alone. If, however, we find something wholly irresistible, we may take a chance and gamble that we will come out on top of our game and end up with what we pursued as an essential need at the time. There are needs other than a need for a specific thing too; we have a need for beauty, for strength, for a break; the catalog of needs is a never-ending one and each individual’s catalog should not be ignored. Our needs and wants make up the core of our personality and can be both positive and negative. The negative needs should not be ignored but should be recognized, worked with, and transformed to positive needs with a positive outcome. This transformation can help one to recognize more positive needs that can be acted upon and used for positive good for oneself as well as for others. Having a recognized need has the power to be used as a spur to oneself to make the necessary effort ro recognize it and that example of effort may spur others on to do the same. But the recognition of a need can be problematic; you may simply feel uncomfortable or certain that you meant to do something or have the niggling sensation at the back of your brain that says something is not quite done. Slowing down enough to really take a look at those feelings may bring you enlightenment about a new or old and unrecognized need. Stopping to evaluate that need and fulfilling it can lead you to an enduring satisfaction or to realize that your focus must be removed from that particular need. Rather than indiscriminately acting on all our needs we would be best served by allowing ourselves time to reflect. Would you really like all your needs to be met?


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Best side

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Just like putting our best foot forward we generally strive to have our best side placed forward, whether we’re in public or in private. However showing our best side is not necessarily the most efficient or effective way to achieve our goal of the moment. It could be detrimental to ourselves and others if we choose only to look try to look good and not to actively make an effort to attend to the task at hand. We’d better serve ourselves to pay attention to our goals rather than to how we may appear to others. Satisfaction in a well performed job of any kind should fill one with more pride than looking good while performing a mediocre or poor job, a job that could be crucial to you and others. There are times when looking your best is part of what is necessary for a particular project or task however performance and effort take a much higher place on the totem pole of evaluation. In general, how one looks is not a factor in anyone’s mind but one’s own. If it is a big enough factor then looking the best you can in a given circumstance can have a large impact on performance, but can never be the be-all and end-all. The crux of the matter is to be so involved in whatever it is one is attempting that one does not think about appearance at all; this will most likely improve all aspects of one’s life as well. For life can be much more enjoyable when one is involved in it, not looking at it. Could your best side be your most involved side?

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Leftovers are merely that, left over. They’re not inferior or left behind for a specific reason. However much one has tried, sometimes one feels one is only a leftover and feels sad. Being sad may not be the way to handle that feeling of being left over and of no use to anyone any more. After all, when there is food left over from a meal or a function of some kind the leftovers are often considered the best – for making into later meals, for donating to those in need, for providing a cleanup job and food for the underemployed. There are even leftovers in the outdoors as with these berries from last summer; though they look like they’re shedding tears they show that the birds and other animals have had enough to eat and have left them in reserve for harsher times. You may feel you’ve been abandoned as useless or out of date however you and the best parts of you may have been left in reserve to have or call upon in a time of real need. Leftover is not left out or left behind; thus being leftover should not be a sad thing. You can revel knowing that others are saving the best for last, are counting on you to be there when the need arises. Having looked at leftovers in a positive way you may find other leftovers, of many kinds, much more attractive and useful to you. Isn’t conserving by making use of all kinds of leftovers prudent for our planet?


Winter clothes

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When it’s winter and one lives in a places with seasons, the hot and cold kind, winter clothes of some kind are a must; even when it seems Spring is near, the weather doesn’t always show it. No matter what the season, some people choose to wear winter clothes the entire year. These clothes seem to be not only for the comfort of their bodies but for the comfort or protection of their souls. Winter clothes with their generally more somber and more dull colors and their thickness cover the body but also act as a deterrent to easy communication with others. Those who are slaves to fashion don’t appear to think about appropriate garb for the season, and may only think about clothing to wear to be accepted as one of the crowd, and in fact, communicate only with a specific crowd. Those who wear season-inappropriate clothing in any season seem to want to be noticed and will do almost anything to make a connection with others. None of these strategies is wrong, per se, however the clothing one wears may not project you the way you would like to be seen or known. If winter clothes indicate that you have no desire to communicate and are wrapped up in yourself you may want to change your attire to allow more openness even if you don’t change the colors. If you dress so that you appear available to anyone at any time for any kind of communication you may want to wrap yourself a bit more tightly. How we choose to present ourselves is a very obvious way to make a statement about ourselves and it is worthwhile to think about that presentation. There is nothing wrong with any clothing as long as the clothing represents you as yourself.  Would you rather present yourself the way you are or misrepresent yourself?

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Needs must

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Because of necessity there are times when one must find the will to do things we know we have to but feel we haven’t the strength or enough time to complete. We must descend into the morass of  “issues” and “responsibilities” and “business” to just maintain the bare bones of our daily existence. This can be overwhelming at times to the point that we feel the need for some kind of expression; and we do express ourselves in many ways, from a rage to denial to passive-aggressive compliance with the demands being made of us. These responses can be momentarily rewarding however they only satisfy our immediate feelings, they don’t solve the ongoing circumstances that make up the largely dreary business of daily life. It may be for the ongoing good of and the transformation of this daily business to dive in and wrestle straightforwardly and actively with it; with a small change in attitude you may find the daily grind challenging in a positive way and find new aspects of it to enjoy and feel satisfaction in the small goals accomplished by head-on attack. The water may not be as deep or the bottom as frightening as you might think. Often tasks have a way of diminishing the dread of beginning them once they have been started; completion becomes easier and your satisfaction with yourself becomes more attainable every day. The efforts you make at mundane work do not need to remain mundane. With a small change in the attitude toward your effort a small amount of earned pride goes a long way. This can lead to positive self-esteem if built up moment by moment and day by day. Once a routine or standard you set yourself has been established and adhered to you could find that there is nothing drab or dreary about taking care of necessary tasks. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy and take pride in the dull necessities of life than rant and rail over them?

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Details, both major and minor things, are or may be obscured by fogs of differing origins. Fog is difficult to see through and to make one’s way through and can be very frustrating and even dangerous. Or it can be a beautiful and enchanting place to be. It can be cold and dank or warm and soft. It can conceal or reveal things of importance to us. When we’re lost in a fog we can approach our dilemma in various ways depending upon our desires or upon the goals we have set for ourselves.  We may choose to use obscurity as a way of hiding from others and the places we find ourselves. We may choose to obscure our own movements on the chessboard of life from others, even ourselves. We may move through fog using it as a nurturing form of bathing to emerge into the light enriched and invigorated. No matter how we choose to use the many varieties of obscurity it is important to know that obscurity or being obscured is not always a bad thing but can be a tool to be used to help one’s healing and growth. A license to be left in the background is a license to relax, to release tension, to be revitalized in private. Having private time is another one of our basic needs and one that is too often ignored or forgotten. When one learns to utilize obscurity one invariably finds private time to put to good use. As long as one does not hide behind obscurity to avoid problems or confrontations one can be sure to find a laugh and some hope even while observing the chaos and uncertainty one has retreated from for a short time. So doesn’t obscurity sound like a fine place to be from time to time?

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One can follow not only from ahead, but from behind as well, and be the leader for those before you, behind you, or to the side. One can also follow or observe from each of these positions. Sometimes it’s problematic to determine the position you would like to hold since one does not always have to lead, to follow, or to observe. Even the most dynamic leader will sometimes choose to take the position to observe in certain situations and sometimes the most helpful follower will decide to take the lead in a certain endeavor. There can be difficulty in deciding the role you wish to play at any given moment in time or you may feel you have no choice in making that decision. If you believe you have no choice in the matter that is also taking a position, the position that you will always do what others demand or expect of you; then you have to decide if that is the way you would like to live. Once you’ve decided that you have no choice, that will likely be the last real choice you will make about anything. To experience all the many facets of a potentially rich life it is important to allow yourself the ability to make choices, though you may have to amend your actions to satisfy unexpected circumstances that arise and somewhat ragged results may occur from time to time.. One of the most important aspects of being human is free choice and to abdicate that aspect of your life is generally self-defeating, since another one of the most important aspects of being human is the chance to feel self-respect and happiness. Your choice of behavior in groups may color your entire life. Isn’t the use of your ability to make choices more positive for you than allowing others to do so?