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One can follow not only from ahead, but from behind as well, and be the leader for those before you, behind you, or to the side. One can also follow or observe from each of these positions. Sometimes it’s problematic to determine the position you would like to hold since one does not always have to lead, to follow, or to observe. Even the most dynamic leader will sometimes choose to take the position to observe in certain situations and sometimes the most helpful follower will decide to take the lead in a certain endeavor. There can be difficulty in deciding the role you wish to play at any given moment in time or you may feel you have no choice in making that decision. If you believe you have no choice in the matter that is also taking a position, the position that you will always do what others demand or expect of you; then you have to decide if that is the way you would like to live. Once you’ve decided that you have no choice, that will likely be the last real choice you will make about anything. To experience all the many facets of a potentially rich life it is important to allow yourself the ability to make choices, though you may have to amend your actions to satisfy unexpected circumstances that arise and somewhat ragged results may occur from time to time.. One of the most important aspects of being human is free choice and to abdicate that aspect of your life is generally self-defeating, since another one of the most important aspects of being human is the chance to feel self-respect and happiness. Your choice of behavior in groups may color your entire life. Isn’t the use of your ability to make choices more positive for you than allowing others to do so?


Author: EllenphanPhotos

I've been struck many times by the thoughts that run through my head when I'm outdoors and contemplating nothing in particular. The thoughts can be profound or silly, sad or joyful, relevant or not. But they're always there. And with just a bit of concentration they can lead to the most astonishing places and on the most convoluted trails. Exploring those vagaries and jigs and jogs is fun. I'm attempting to find more of these trails to see if they lead anywhere or nowhere, because even nowhere is somewhere. The bits and pieces of the outdoors help to make the indoors survivable. Photos help bring the outdoors in and remind me of many of the thoughts I had while still outside, a very valuable tool they are, too.

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