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06-21-13 001a

There come times, sometimes frequently, when we need to rejuvenate. This needed journey back to youth, or to a youth-like feeling, can come about from physical weariness and stress, from mental weariness and stress, or just because. And the intervals between the need can vary widely. This is a time I feel the need for rejuvenation so I will be gone for the next week, being renewed and rejuvenated. See you when I get back.




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Either we have such confidence in ourselves as a species or we have so little that we often look at and describe other species and even non-living things in human terms. We look at them and see any number of things that they are not and sometimes forget that they are really just themselves with their own characteristics, tempers, and needs. And these things frequently have absolutely no relation to anything we would or could recognize as needs or wants. It may comforting to us to associate everything we can with us so that we may feel more part of the planet than we may actually be; since we have provided more hurt to the planet, we will try in any way to create the illusion that all other residents and pieces of the world are as human as we must necessarily be. This is, at best, a tragedy, since we really should be behaving more like the ‘less intelligent and aware’ inhabitants than they like us. We really have no reason to use the power that we do have to destroy our own livelihoods and habitats, much less all the others,’ including plants and infrastructure, habitats. It would be nice to think that we might use our vaunted intelligence before we have gone beyond the point of no return. Shouldn’t we first learn to behave like humans before assuming other species would be happy to?



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Every one of us goes through one stage or more of awkwardness. We may not like it, we may not notice it, or we may care too much what others think while we’re going through that stage. However, none of us can get out of going through an awkward phase or two. Looks or movements, all parts of these stages can be devastating to us if we allow them to be. They are probably most devastating to us when we are younger since it seems the awkwardness will never end and every minute spent looking or moving awkwardly is an embarrassment to us, even though others may not perceive our embarrassment or even our awkwardness. While one can not move if one is feeling especially awkward moving in what should be natural and easy ways, it is more difficult to hide the excessive largeness of teeth, ill-fitting glasses, hair growing in or out in strange ways. With a bit of pride and self-confidence we can live and grow through these experiences and perhaps learn more empathy and sympathy for others. For once we’ve experienced these thoughts and feelings of inadequacy we may more easily detect others going through some of the same things. Once we’ve escaped from an awkward phase shouldn’t we be more sympathetic to others suffering through their own?

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Whether in times of adversity or in times of plenty there will always be something that is fruitful. It could be a plant, edible or not; it could be people, wise or not; it could be too plentiful, such as water or heat. In times of a lack of a certain fruit it would be wise to research the usefulness of another one; we may not understand or want, for one reason or another, to change our usage habits, but that may be the only way to go to ensure health and vitality. The reason for too little fruit of the edible kind is often people and the lack is generally restricted to certain geographical areas. Though one cannot dictate to others how their lives and communities should be run, it would be wise for these communities to take a look at how they are impacting their own lives by indiscriminately increasing the population. This may take educators and that may be the task of others outside the community. When there is too much of a good thing the most obvious and best plan for the extra is to share and distribute the excess to others who are in need. There are occasions where there may be too much water or too much sun and heat. Again, and with the scientific knowledge we now have we should be able to channel these excesses into help for others or into relief for the ones suffering. Isn’t it best to share the excesses and lacks of fruitfulness?

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No matter how much we might try, there are some times we cannot achieve what we have set out to do. Whether or not we like the outcome, we must deal with not obtaining what we have striven for. This can be difficult when we truly believe that we deserve to have that which we’ve taken the time and effort to strive for. We know, of course we know, that there are things we can dream about but that will be forever out of our grasp. We should not waste our time, emotions, and physical effort on these craving these emotional, physical, and personal things even though they may seem made for us and our goals in life. As an exercise in futility they are wonderful, but they might be taken as an exercise in self-restraint and as a reality check that can direct us back to the attainable. The attainable is not second best, it is a goal, or series of goals, that can give us challenges, but also much more satisfaction than yearning after unrealistic goals. It is also not to say to stop striving at all, just to objectively look at how you’ve constructed your goals and to come to conclusions that are not the equivalent of grasping at bubbles, for they will burst. Aren’t realistic and challenging goals more satisfactory to achieve than ‘pie-in-the-sky’ goals you cannot achieve?

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At speed

06-04-13 018a

Simply going means that you’re going at one speed or another; you could be sauntering along at the pace of a leisurely walk, you could be sprinting to the rescue of someone dear to you, you could be traveling at a moderate rate that will get ordinary tasks done in good time on ordinary days. Going at speed usually means that you are proceeding somewhat or much faster than one normally would. Sometimes when going at speed you are running away from your life or the troubles or dangers in your life. It is best to continue on at speed when you are escaping from danger or menace, one should not stick around to be abused or face the chance of abuse. However, if you are speedily trying to escape your life and the mistakes and missteps you have made in it you should realize, for you’ll surely learn, that you are speedily running in place. You can never escape yourself; no matter what occurs you will always be with yourself and your best escape from troubles, doubts, and missteps is to face them head on, not to try to run; if nothing else your shadow and especially your reflection will follow you. When you feel the desire to run is when you must look into the mirror and assess the truth about your present and begin to make a plan for the future. Running doesn’t help anything, does it?



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Like so much else erosion can be looked in at least two ways, no way has to be negative but usually is perceived to be negative by some. Erosion physically can bring room to grow, while maintaining some stability from the remaining material. It can wear away imperfections, honing one to one’s brightest and sharpest point physically or mentally. Erosion of confidence or trust sounds like it must be a negative thing, but looking at the big picture or at circumstances in the long run, that loss of trust or confidence in one person may have driven you to look more closely at your criteria for trusting in or confidence in others and has helped you make better decisions subsequently. Erosion can also uncover all kinds of good and treasured things, wariness, distrust, and lack of self-confidence can all appear or reappear with the loss of a build-up of negative feelings and the assumption of masks or building of walls. Looking at erosion with a positive instead of negative attitude is much more helpful than crying woe is me and there is no solution. Keeping erosion from happening is futile and the best way to avoid frustration and grief is to work with it.  Why not follow where erosion is leading rather than fight it?