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Another home

07-17-13 027b

When one hears the word home spoken one usually thinks of a single place, whether physically or in the heart. When one thinks again, there may come the realization that there is more than one place that we can call home and have it be true. Just as there are seasons with plants and animals, there are also seasons with us. This may not involve time necessarily, but mood or circumstances or different people we have affinities with. Home can be a place we feel best in when we are happy and embracing new and different things, we can have a home for retreat and reevaluation, or we can have a home with all our dear ones around us, separate from the world. There is nothing wrong with having a set or a series of homes as long as we feel welcome and appreciated in each one. We must also give freely to each of our homes to help maintain them while we stay there or for them to be ready for our arrival at any time.  Our homes may be radically different from one another and it seem odd to others that we can be comfortable in such different environments or they can be so similar that it does not appear clear why we have different ones. We can have any number of homes or just one, but it is essential to have at least one place to belong and to call home. Do you feel that more than one place is home to you?


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07-15-13 028a

There are situations and circumstances when wants to display pure exuberance; one just can’t hold the joy at life and sheer desire to show that exuberance. The most distinct aspect of that feeling is the need to share it and to make other people feel the same way about life and the moment. And one of the most delightful aspects of and showing that exuberance is that it is catching. If you can feel comfortable about displaying a joyful feeling, others must be affected and have their moods heightened by yours. This in turn cycles back to you and you become even more exuberant. Of all the spiraling cycles we can encounter this positive one is the one we should most strive to achieve, because it is so positive and can be of benefit to so many, most especially ourselves. Even a tiny expression of happiness or pleasure can change a roomful of glumness to a roomful of budding positive feelings and foster the power to make good things happen. Or can allow a glimmer or ray energy to engage people and urge them to action, action for positive, not negative things. Isn’t it a fine thing to think that we can share our exuberance with others and, possibly, affect the whole world’s outlook?

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A break in the stillness

07-04-13 273a

Life can be tranquil and feel good and fine and just right, but there comes a time when that tranquility must be interrupted, even if just for a moment. One can become so used to and lulled by stillness that one begins to stop participating in life; to interact and make an effort at interacting with others becomes too great a chore and one’s ability to communicate is impaired. It is fine if one chooses the contemplative life, but one should not forget that there is a larger world out there and that there are responsibilities waiting to be fulfilled. These don’t have to be accomplished with a shout and a roar and great turmoil; one can go about the business of living our world without fanfare and with minimal upset to one’s stillness and calm if one so chooses, though keeping the calm is an effort also. Once a certain calmness has been achieved, and it is a good thing have a place of stillness we can work from, then one must not think a small wake as one moves on through life is a bad thing, but may help show us a new way or help to explain where we’ve been. Taking a break from being still and calm is as beneficial as taking a break from energy and effort, don’t you think?

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07-15-13 007a

There are times that we may feel that we have a real grasp on things; on our lives, on our goals and ambitions, on our moods. Unbeknownst to us this may not necessarily be true. We could be teetering on the edge of a cliff and not even know it or the cliff may be undermined or crumbling and in a very precarious position itself. In order to have an idea of the reality of our position we must look carefully and objectively at ourselves and our set of choices. It is important that we not let our moods interfere with objectivity, though that is probably the hardest thing any of us can do, and make a realistic assessment about moves we should and can make. If we find we are in a precarious position, the most important thing for us is to know that we have a backup plan if things do not turn out the way we had hoped they would. Part of that backup plan should include a person, a person who knows all of you and who you can trust implicitly; for they may be the one who saves your life in one way or another. One can always get out of a precarious position, but first you have to know that is where you are. Isn’t acknowledging a precarious position better than jumping with your eyes closed?

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05-30-13 016a

One hears ‘patience’ is a virtue’ over and over again, and in most cases it can be true. One also hears that ‘all things come to he who waits’ which can also be true. However, there are times when patience will not serve you well and may even harm you. You can for the next bus to come while standing in a snow storm and freeze, you can wait for medical help so long that when you seek it there is nothing to be done, you can wait for your fortune to change, while doing nothing, and find that there is nothing for you in the end and that you should have gotten up and changed your fortune for yourself. The problem is that it is so difficult to tell when one should wait and when one should take the initiative and be proactive. For each person the ‘right time’ is different and depends upon any number of factors. but everyone should take responsibility for their own wants, needs, and necessities and not leave their care and ambitions to others. One must look objectively at each situation as it arises and decide whether to wait or to end the waiting and move. Just making the decision will make you feel better and more in control. Isn’t it better to feel control of your life instead of always waiting to see what will happen?

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06-27-13 021b

In addition to relieving cramped and confined muscles and ligaments, stretching can also adjust your attitude. When waking from sleep stretching is one of the major components to waking up and becoming enthused about the coming day. After sitting for long periods of time, either being bored or concentrating hard, nothing feels better than a good stretch. And if you happen to be feeling just a bit down or powerless an enthusiastic stretch with your arms up and out and your back arched can lift your mood and induce a feeling of power and winning at life. If you need to feel a bit more aggressive or assertive and let people know you are in full charge of yourself, put your hands on your hips, arch your back, and put a confident look on your face. These simple things involving the body can really make a difference to how your day, or the rest of your day, will evolve. When the body feels good and feels relaxed, the mind can stretch as well. A few deep breaths also encourages blood flow and oxygen intake that will revitalize the brain and allow positive moods to pervade you. Isn’t it good to find an easy way to revitalize yourself



07-04-13 469a

I’ve launched a new website called Ellenphanphotos at this link: You can also find the ink on this blog. Please feel free to stop by and take a look; and pass the link along to anyone else you think might enjoy it. Thank you for all your support, I appreciate it.