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Early morning meditation


08-12-13 135a

When we are beginning our day, especially if we know that it may be a stressful or intense one, we might consider taking a bit of time to reflect upon what really is upcoming; and reflect upon and internalize calm, contented feelings. It is easier to face stressful and hectic situations in a calm way by starting from a firm base of confidence and tranquility. Once we’ve grounded ourselves and taken on the idea of the responsibilities and tasks of the day we have them half-conquered already. Most surprises or unexpected twists and turns to the day can be dealt with prior to their happening if we hone our minds to sharpness by rising a touch earlier than usual to prepare oneself for almost any eventuality. When we’re running late and must hurriedly dress and run out the door we are thrown out of our usual routine and this can lead to disaster. Not only has our routine been hugely disturbed, we try to get back to it and usually fail by trying too hard to do so. Once one thing does not go our way we put ourselves in the path of mishap since we are no longer in places at times we are used to. Whether we meditate formally or stick to a set routine, we are better for both or either during our everyday lives. Doesn’t a calm, thoughtful beginning to the day lead to a more satisfying end to it?


Author: EllenphanPhotos

I've been struck many times by the thoughts that run through my head when I'm outdoors and contemplating nothing in particular. The thoughts can be profound or silly, sad or joyful, relevant or not. But they're always there. And with just a bit of concentration they can lead to the most astonishing places and on the most convoluted trails. Exploring those vagaries and jigs and jogs is fun. I'm attempting to find more of these trails to see if they lead anywhere or nowhere, because even nowhere is somewhere. The bits and pieces of the outdoors help to make the indoors survivable. Photos help bring the outdoors in and remind me of many of the thoughts I had while still outside, a very valuable tool they are, too.

9 thoughts on “Early morning meditation

  1. Yes,is the attitude to it, is like getting ready for, getting the right tools to go through the day!

  2. yes…which is why I do my best not to rush in the morning nor allow anyone to rush me…I know how it affects my day.

  3. Perfect! This has all the nature photography elements that I love. The reflections. extra points for the multi layered reflections, the trees in the background lit to show their beautuful reds and oranges, and the line of the man made structure that the bird is sitting on. Extra extra points for the fact that it is orange and picks up the color from the trees and makes them shine! You couldn’t have nailed this one better with a hammer! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much! I already know this, but needed to be reminded.

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