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Jumping for joy

01-25-14 087a

We have all seen someone who seems to be we assume they would be jumping for joy or it’s equivalent, but at the same time they don’t really look or seem happy. This sometimes can be attributed to that person’s reaction to or method of combating something that is really negative, to a lack of the ability to express themselves easily, or, in some cases, sarcasm used in derision of others’ joy. What is best and most satisfying to see is someone expressing their happiness with a sight, a sound, good news, or a happening that they can’t help but share with those around them, from family and friend to strangers. The excitement and joy can be a single person’s expression or involve an entire community; once one sees the all-encompassing joy of another expressed so openly and physically that that outpouring of emotion is almost impossible to resist and one is almost compelled to add one’s feelings to the other’s or the group’s feelings. As long the expression of joy remains joyful and a person’s or a group’s physical manifestations do not descend into thoughtless violent and mob behavior jumping for joy can be, should be a wonderful experience. Wouldn’t you like to actually experience the urge to jump for joy, then do it?

Now I’m going to jump for joy and leave for some time off in a sunny, warm, beach-y island in the tropics and suspend thinking for a while. And there is no computer access.


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Fogged in

01-25-14 057a

Feeling fogged in a good excuse to stop the struggle and nestle in for a good round of comfort food for thought and for stomach that can lead to an even foggier brain and foggy initiative. There is a time for this kind of activity, or non-activity, and we should take advantage of it when we can since it seldom comes around… guilt-free anyway. The luxury of not having to think and plan for any length of time can be quite rejuvenating and can lead to new ideas and a fresh perspective on may things. On the other hand, some feel trapped and helpless when the fog rolls in and it’s hard to see and damp and uncomfortable to move around. A good meal and the comfort of coziness do them no good; they must penetrate the fog, find its purpose, and discover a way to disperse it. Both points of view have their value, both involve in acceptance of the fact of the fog, or rejection of it, but both recognize that fog will present at one time or another and have developed their own strategies for dealing the fog’s inevitable, but not constant presence and have plans to keep their minds clear and in working order. When we become befogged isn’t better to at least have a hint at how we will react?


Looking back

12-25-13 032a

Some people say it is always a mistake to look back while other say one must look back in order to know how to go forward. Both can be true, even at the same time. What tends to make a difference in whether one will be progressing forward or slipping backward is in one’s own personality and learning style. While most of us would prefer to move forward and to make progress on goals and wants, there are a few of us who would rather have the attention that failure gives than to admit to any goals or wants. These people bemoan the fact that it is difficult to move forward and the path is strewn with obstacles or they stop to mourn their failures, ask for sympathy, and never start moving again. These are choices they’ve chosen to make, but those of us who have made the choice to continue forging on should not stop to sympathize for long or to give a hand to someone who doesn’t really want it, who just wants the attention. We can stop to look back with curiosity and an a-ha or two, but we can also choose to turn and face forward again. Wouldn’t you prefer to look forward to new and dreamed of things than to always look back and constantly trip what is in front of you? 

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Vanquishing shadows

01-23-14 003a

At times it may feel to us as if we were living inside or underneath a shadow; nothing can be seen clearly, it always feels at least a little cold, and any movement seems constricted. Once we venture to take a look around us we usually find that the whole world is not a shadow and that, with a little effort, we can feel warmth and contentment once again. We may also discover that the cold and darkness can be chased away, or at least swept to the side so that they cannot bother or hinder us. The more of our own warmth and light that we can inject into our positive and uplifting thoughts, the more we’ll have to spare for other dark and forbidding things that we wish to shed light upon. At the same time we must recognize that shadow and darkness are not always the bad guys. If we stop to explore the shadows and search within the darkness we may be surprised by the amazing and wonderful things we may find; they may even be positive in and of themselves and be of value to you. Don’t you think we should fully explore any and all of the shadows before we encounter before vanquishing them?

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The bugs are better on the other side

01-23-14 037a

Hopes and dreams are good things; it’s good to have something to work for and something to long for, however we should not pin our hopes and dreams on things we know we’ll never be able to grasp, or that we really don’t want to grasp in the firs place. Sometimes we all fall victim to the conscious or unconscious urgings of others to follow along or mimic their actions, to get to the bugs that taste better for them, but not necessarily for ourselves. And sometimes we become so familiar with, and  because of that familiarity blind to, what we have that it has lost lustre and excitement, it’s sense of the new and the novel. If we do travel, one way or another, to that greener grass we are likely to find that we’ve landed right back where we’ve come from. Because, for the most part, we know that no matter where we go, there we are and all our positives and negatives come with, or follow, us. Unless we’re making the choice to move elsewhere for reasons unconnected to our wants, it is best to step back and take stock of what we have, what we’ll have to leave, and what there to realistically expect from the ‘better’ side. Shouldn’t we seek local satisfaction for our needs before rushing off somewhere, anywhere else?

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01-14-14 022a

It may have been our duty at some time, or we may have kept vigil out of love, or out of faith, and when we’ve kept vigil we generally feel a sense of responsibility and solemnity. Our vigilance is not meant to disturb its object, rather to allow it to continue whatever it may be doing without disturbance. This object may be a living being or one no longer living or never living, but in any case it is deserving of respect; other emotions and feelings may be involved but respect is the one most needed to feel the desire to keep vigil. And though vigils include wakefulness and watchfulness, this does not necessarily mean that one must be watching over someone or something besides oneself. Much of the time when holding a vigil it can also be called a meditation directed from you to yourself or prayer directed to a spiritual mentor or your version an all-powerful moral authority. A vigil can also be a way to bring people together in common cause, to express a similar feeling about a certain issue, to mourn specific people or events, or to celebrate the same. Holding or keeping vigil is a way to confirm a sense of community whether in a group or alone. Shouldn’t we respect people who respect something and express it?

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I know what’s best for you

01-14-14 044a

Undoubtedly we’ve all heard someone say to us during our lifetime that they know exactly what we need, what would be good for us, what will make us feel better. At times we may actually be looking for help; for advice, a sounding board, options to cogitate over; frequently though, we are merely asking for input and not for instructions. When we know the advisor quite well or are related to them it can be very difficult to continue the relationship in harmony if you decide to opt for a different course of action than was suggested. Since when we are close to someone we don’t want to hurt them it can be hard to take the path we have chosen to take; we must do so though, or we will be mired in conditions not of our choosing. There are others, not necessarily close to us at all who see themselves as wonderfully intuitive people with vision who can tell your mind and heart at a glance; these controlling people may think they are acting in the best interests of everyone, including you, and are puzzled and may get angry when people don’t do as they have said they should and believe that is best for them. With these people you have two options: you can face up to them and let them know you will run your own life and go your own way, or you can remove yourself from their presence and influence. In any case, you are free to choose your own life’s direction, aren’t you?