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01-04-13 112a

There is a line that can be drawn between leery and suspicious; it is a hair thin line and whether you are the one leery or suspicious of something or whether you’re the object of leeriness or suspicion, really makes no difference. When one is leery of something or someone one is still likely to wait to make a judgment until they have been satisfied one way or another about their feeling. When one is suspicious of someone or something one is more likely to make quick or premature judgments. Both feelings and the actions and reactions associated with them cautionary and defensive, endeavoring to secure personal and familial safety, but there is a time and a place for each one, they should not overlap. If you’re leery of something you haven’t eaten before, a new food, you probably wouldn’t leap from the table, grab the food, and throw it away; you might examine it and ask for its attributes, you may finally even eat it. If you’re suspicious that the kid down the block may be pilfering from your garage, you probably wouldn’t think about calling his parents and promise yourself that you’ll start locking the garage door from now on. Feelings of leeriness or suspicion should be listened to and evaluated to determine appropriate behavior, don’t you think?


Author: EllenphanPhotos

I've been struck many times by the thoughts that run through my head when I'm outdoors and contemplating nothing in particular. The thoughts can be profound or silly, sad or joyful, relevant or not. But they're always there. And with just a bit of concentration they can lead to the most astonishing places and on the most convoluted trails. Exploring those vagaries and jigs and jogs is fun. I'm attempting to find more of these trails to see if they lead anywhere or nowhere, because even nowhere is somewhere. The bits and pieces of the outdoors help to make the indoors survivable. Photos help bring the outdoors in and remind me of many of the thoughts I had while still outside, a very valuable tool they are, too.

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