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Expanding Evening

Evening Falling

One hardly notices when evening begins fall in most cases. This is a real shame since the transformation from day to evening  time, coming night is a fascinating and beautiful thing to watch and appreciate. It is also a time for thinking and wondering and allow awe to overcome our senses. As the evening progresses, the sky expands and one can feel one’s mind lose its conventional boundaries and, if we allow it, imagination can take over our dreary and worn out minds and welcome beauty and wonder in for at least a few moments. We can feel we’re expanding as the coming night sky is asserting itself. Not a bad place to be in.


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IMG_3349There are many things that appear beautiful and are very attractive when you see them standing alone, without a specially prepared background or without the props that enhance their assets even more. But these beautifully attractive things can seem, and really are, more attractive when seen in the company of others, whether those others are considered beautiful or not. The differences between companions or even between riders of the same bus serve to heighten the best characteristics of each of them. Or they allow us to see that what may usually be considered ugly by the bulk of a society can be seen in a different light, one that shines with a certain beauty of its own. These differences can also highlight how well those with different assets can work together without ever knowing it to create a lovely and effective whole, even when they don’t know one another and didn’t plan anything specific for a particular day. These chances help one to recognize that one is a part of a whole, though sometimes we cry out that we will never be a part of anything, and can make joining or re-joining the human race a bit more tolerable. Because, after all, we can’t help being part of the human race, can we?

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Missed opportunities

IMG_3476cMissed opportunities always bother us; we feel we’ve lost something valuable, rather than potentially valuable and can work ourselves up into an unnecessary and possibly detrimental state of mind. Once one focuses on the lost opportunities staring one in the face a number of choices disappear, we find we have become very limited  in our interactions with the world, and we no longer have effective control over ourselves. To rub salt in the wound, all of this may have occurred for no real reason at all. Many of the opportunities that appear to us are not really worth even considering; if we thought about that particular opportunity for only a short time we could easily see that getting all worked up over something we don’t want or need is non-productive, silly, and takes away from things we do need. There are times when we are faced with more than one opportunity; this is a time to remain especially calm and objective there is no reason to waste time and emotion trying to make use of both or all opportunities presented to you. What is stretched between many is not as well done, efficient, or appreciated as one’s full attention focused on one task or pleasure. Shouldn’t we pay attention when opportunities come chasing after us rather than leaping at every one of them?

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10-15-13 015a

We all know about monsters, but none of us knows all about monsters; mostly we know about our own, whether they are friendly or malevolent toward us. Often our friendly monsters are symbols of fears we overcame when we were quite young; now we show that we have conquered and tamed those fears and their monster manifestations take on a soft, cuddly appearance, negating the fearful dominance they once held over us. Some of our monsters are expressions of our real and hoped-for powers; they can harm not only others, but can harm us as well. They may have become monsters because we are not really sure we have control over our feelings and thoughts and thus those feelings and thoughts are potentially as destructive to us as to others, whether they are threatening us or not. We can choose to view and raise our monsters to be fierce, but kind; unbending, but flexible; brave, but cautious. By making these choices we are giving ourselves back the opportunity to manage our own lives and not to be ruled by unreasonable fears and boundaries. We can learn to unleash our monsters only at appropriate moments, and not have them trample us at will. Shouldn’t we tame our monsters rather than let them control us?

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08-24-12 058bThere is a common misconception that to be solitary or to be alone is to be lonely, sad about it, and discouraged. In truth it is probably more harmful for a person always have someone around them. There is then no time for quiet contemplation or for a chance to work out how you really about any situation or given set of circumstances. And it is important for us to figure out and determine things on our own, to make our own decisions and to know our own minds. Being solitary while dining out or going to a movie or talking a walk also allows us to view the world only through our own filters and not diluted by a companion’s or companions’ feelings and prejudices. Being solitary allows our minds to expand, take in more, pay attention to larger, big picture things and to take in less, pay attention to small, more detailed things. One also anticipate seeing a loved one or loved ones and enjoy ‘coming home’ with a greater appreciation when one has given oneself the gift of alone-time. Unbroken time with others, even your very dearest others can and does begin to pall after a time, rather than allowing that to happen it would be better to plan for your solitary time instead of being driven to it. Doesn’t being on your own for a bit really have some appeal sometimes?


Another home

07-17-13 027b

When one hears the word home spoken one usually thinks of a single place, whether physically or in the heart. When one thinks again, there may come the realization that there is more than one place that we can call home and have it be true. Just as there are seasons with plants and animals, there are also seasons with us. This may not involve time necessarily, but mood or circumstances or different people we have affinities with. Home can be a place we feel best in when we are happy and embracing new and different things, we can have a home for retreat and reevaluation, or we can have a home with all our dear ones around us, separate from the world. There is nothing wrong with having a set or a series of homes as long as we feel welcome and appreciated in each one. We must also give freely to each of our homes to help maintain them while we stay there or for them to be ready for our arrival at any time.  Our homes may be radically different from one another and it seem odd to others that we can be comfortable in such different environments or they can be so similar that it does not appear clear why we have different ones. We can have any number of homes or just one, but it is essential to have at least one place to belong and to call home. Do you feel that more than one place is home to you?



There are times when a person, an object, or a situation is coming at you and you really aren’t ready to face or confront it just then.

07-04-13 257aThe only viable option in those circumstances is to make for your bolt-hole, and stay there, until you are prepared to deal with your nemesis or it has gone away or is no longer so threatening or demanding. No one can possibly be ready for any and everything at all times, especially if there are things that frighten you or discourage you to the extent that you feel you have no choices. The best thing is to take some time to evaluate these things or people and make a thoroughly thought-out decision regarding them, but when time takes you unaware you must find a place to make the time to do so. Having a place to retreat while you are in a familiar and comfortable place is relatively easy, finding a bolt-hole in an unfamiliar place is more difficult and should be planned upon arrival in the event you are overtaken by an unexpected event.

07-04-13 258aMost might say that running or hiding is not an honorable or decent way to deal with a person or situation. On the other hand, one should always be prepared when difficulties are forthcoming and one’s preparations may not yet be complete. In which case being aware of one’s surroundings and making the choice to flee and fight another day, one should be sure of a place to flee to. Shouldn’t one plan for escape to evaluate in advance?