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Expanding Evening

Evening Falling

One hardly notices when evening begins fall in most cases. This is a real shame since the transformation from day to evening  time, coming night is a fascinating and beautiful thing to watch and appreciate. It is also a time for thinking and wondering and allow awe to overcome our senses. As the evening progresses, the sky expands and one can feel one’s mind lose its conventional boundaries and, if we allow it, imagination can take over our dreary and worn out minds and welcome beauty and wonder in for at least a few moments. We can feel we’re expanding as the coming night sky is asserting itself. Not a bad place to be in.



Jumping for joy

01-25-14 087a

We have all seen someone who seems to be we assume they would be jumping for joy or it’s equivalent, but at the same time they don’t really look or seem happy. This sometimes can be attributed to that person’s reaction to or method of combating something that is really negative, to a lack of the ability to express themselves easily, or, in some cases, sarcasm used in derision of others’ joy. What is best and most satisfying to see is someone expressing their happiness with a sight, a sound, good news, or a happening that they can’t help but share with those around them, from family and friend to strangers. The excitement and joy can be a single person’s expression or involve an entire community; once one sees the all-encompassing joy of another expressed so openly and physically that that outpouring of emotion is almost impossible to resist and one is almost compelled to add one’s feelings to the other’s or the group’s feelings. As long the expression of joy remains joyful and a person’s or a group’s physical manifestations do not descend into thoughtless violent and mob behavior jumping for joy can be, should be a wonderful experience. Wouldn’t you like to actually experience the urge to jump for joy, then do it?

Now I’m going to jump for joy and leave for some time off in a sunny, warm, beach-y island in the tropics and suspend thinking for a while. And there is no computer access.



07-04-13 469a

I’ve launched a new website called Ellenphanphotos at this link: You can also find the ink on this blog. Please feel free to stop by and take a look; and pass the link along to anyone else you think might enjoy it. Thank you for all your support, I appreciate it.

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Ruminations of an Amateur Philosopher

06-13-13 001a

I have started another blog which presents some of the writings of my father, who doesn’t like computers. Please feel free to take a look and decide if you or someone you know would be interested in following the paths of the meanderings of thoughts regarding our motivations and actions. Here is the link to the blog:


Growing up

05-16-13 021a

Once we’re more than completely dependent we begin wanting to grow up as fast as possible, while at the same time remaining young enough to have so cares or responsibilities. The games we play and the stories we make up all have us playing the part of adults, teens, or older children. Once we have become older, many times we’d like to once again have the characteristics of youth. What we don’t realize is that we don’t really grow up, we stay young in any number of ways, and still have the chance to ‘play’ at being a grownup in many different venues of our lives. When one has reached whatever age is considered adult in one’s society, there is still so much to learn. One must learn about being an adult, not reaching adulthood, and adulthood continues to have its own lessons until we reach middle age; then at middle age we begin to learn about being senior. At no one point in our lives do we approach being ‘all grown up.’ We must recognize this as true or we might begin to think we know everything when it is patently true we do not know everything, nowhere close to everything. Though it sometimes feels daunting that the growing task never stops; just as certainly, if we mistakenly assume we’re grown up, we will stagnate and never fulfill ourselves as humans. Never being grown up can be a relief, can’t it?



05-17-13 017a

Anticipation can be felt and expressed in any number of ways, and we can anticipate many different things: we can anticipate an event or a gift, we can anticipate trials and tribulations, we can anticipate trends in our lives or on a global basis, and many more variations. Some of the easiest things to anticipate are those that we usually ignore or pay no attention to. For the most part we don’t anticipate our next bite of food during a meal, or how we’ll feel in the shower, or how perfectly our joints and muscles work when we take a step. These daily, small, frequent movements and motions are essential to our very lives but, except when they aren’t working correctly, they receive no attention from us. The small things can even help us anticipate the larger things; we know, but we seldom appreciate, that our eyes are going to be seeing those ocean waves we can hear (did we anticipate hearing that sound?) beyond the next dune (did we anticipate the muscular action our body would be making to climb that dune?). The combination of those many, many small anticipations create the larger ones and so make the act of anticipating itself one that can be pleasurable and add so much positive energy to one’s life that it is a shame to ignore it. Shouldn’t anticipation be enlarged by anticipating the small things leading up to it?