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No matter how much we might like the limelight or how much we might like to hide ourselves from view, there are times when we all must sing, whether we are small or great, and we all must sing solo. When that urge or that need comes upon we can choose to show everything we’ve got to an audience of one to hundreds, or we can lay out our accomplishments alone, only for ourselves. Not all tasks, work, pleasures, or needs must be performed in company. There are many that we and our culture prefer to occur in private, but with many activities it is assumed that one not only will perform them in company, but that prefers to. When this is not the case it is difficult make one’s true wishes known, especially if one is talented in some particular way; the assumption is made that one must want to show that accomplishment off, even given clear evidence to the contrary. If you wish to keep some things private and enjoy giving them to yourself, then that is something that not only must be made clear, but one must follow up that wish with firm opposition to any kind of persuasion being leveled at one. Shouldn’t you be the one in charge of distributing your own gifts?


Making a mark

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It makes no difference what part any of us plays in our families, groups, communities, or the world, we all want to leave our mark on the world in some way. The need to show we’ve been there, whether when we’re traveling in distant places or through different cultures, or whether we’re writing the great world novel or epic poem, or discovering the cure for all ailments, having attempted to make a difference is something we all have in common. The majority of the marks we’ve left have been helpful, beautiful, and positive. However there are those who destroy, maim, or otherwise harm us all by their actions. It is a great shame that those marks seem to be the ones to make the most impact, or at least to receive the most publicity. Very little credit or recognition is given to great works of art or great accomplishments in medicine or science, past and present; just as essentially no credit is given to the individual for his or her contribution to their portion of the world or to the world at large. Perhaps if we all made an effort to recognize the daily efforts the people around us make we would promulgate an atmosphere of appreciation instead of disrespect. Wouldn’t a respectful world be easier to live in and preserve?

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Probing interest

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There are things that interest us, then there are things that really interest us. We may be interested in something in a detached way, but there are things that we’d like to probe into more deeply, or even take them apart. There can be nothing finer than finding something you’re curious about, then being able to dig into it, take it apart, or observe it minutely to see or hear what is really going on. This hands-on approach is one of the best, if not the best, way to learn almost anything. If you are careful and don’t try to probe too deeply into something that may harm you or another, actual involvement gives you a direct path to your brain and you can’t help but learn. Learning is a joy in itself, but is not always painless, especially if you happen to learn things about yourself that you are not always happy with. Interest in who you are and probing into yourself are immensely valuable to you, for not only do you learn more and more about yourself, you learn to appreciate  your accomplishments, you learn where you can stand to grow a bit, and you learn which goals may be the best for you to approach next. Having probed yourself you are able to judge where and how to probe other things to your best advantage, and how not to probe hurtfully or ineffectively. Don’t you have things you would like to probe more vigorously?