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Expanding Evening

Evening Falling

One hardly notices when evening begins fall in most cases. This is a real shame since the transformation from day to evening  time, coming night is a fascinating and beautiful thing to watch and appreciate. It is also a time for thinking and wondering and allow awe to overcome our senses. As the evening progresses, the sky expands and one can feel one’s mind lose its conventional boundaries and, if we allow it, imagination can take over our dreary and worn out minds and welcome beauty and wonder in for at least a few moments. We can feel we’re expanding as the coming night sky is asserting itself. Not a bad place to be in.


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09-03-13 135a

Intimidation is a useful tool for those who wish to flaunt and consolidate their presumed power, If they can carry off intimidation and convince those intimidated that they do and can have control over them they leave the ones now under their control with a greatly diminished arsenal of choices. If there is no overt physical violence involved this might be fine or even welcomed by those subjugated since making and sticking with choices one has made can be difficult and there are some who try to avoid difficulty at all costs. Those who have no desire to be subjugated and insist on making their own choices will resist intimidation. They may walk away, having nothing to do with a situation that involves intimidation; they may confront the power-seeker; or they may work within the group to undermine the self-declared leader, among other things. These things work well and are available to anyone choosing to keep or increase their self-worth. There are times when we would like to intimidate someone or some others as when we are attacked, or our home is invaded, or someone we care for is put in harm’s way. These are the times when it is better to use a form intimidation instead of outright violence. Isn’t it better to use intimidation instead of violence as a first-line defense?

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Reckless abandon

08-12-13 515b

We are  tempted to and do, upon occasion, rush headlong into a variety of things. Sometimes what tempts us watching others rush ahead with no visible consequences and feeling that if they can do it, why then, so can we. What we don’t know is if the person we’re watching has thought carefully about what they’re doing, or if there have been well-made plans brought into play, or if they have done what we are watching many times before therefore have confidence and the ability to behave as if with reckless abandon. Just as many physical activities appear to be done without apparent effort and so do many intellectual and spiritual one the reality is that a huge amount of effort on all levels is put into any activity if it is going to look effortless. Reckless abandon may look like throwing off restraining shackles and throwing oneself into fray without thought of consequences but those throwing themselves not only recognize what they are throwing themselves into they are aware of any consequences there may be and are prepared to accept them. If through stress or other distress we do run headlong into a situation we are very likely to find that we are lost in confusion and possibly hurt in one way or another. Planned reckless abandon can be fun and gainful, shouldn’t it be planned?


Early morning meditation

08-12-13 135a

When we are beginning our day, especially if we know that it may be a stressful or intense one, we might consider taking a bit of time to reflect upon what really is upcoming; and reflect upon and internalize calm, contented feelings. It is easier to face stressful and hectic situations in a calm way by starting from a firm base of confidence and tranquility. Once we’ve grounded ourselves and taken on the idea of the responsibilities and tasks of the day we have them half-conquered already. Most surprises or unexpected twists and turns to the day can be dealt with prior to their happening if we hone our minds to sharpness by rising a touch earlier than usual to prepare oneself for almost any eventuality. When we’re running late and must hurriedly dress and run out the door we are thrown out of our usual routine and this can lead to disaster. Not only has our routine been hugely disturbed, we try to get back to it and usually fail by trying too hard to do so. Once one thing does not go our way we put ourselves in the path of mishap since we are no longer in places at times we are used to. Whether we meditate formally or stick to a set routine, we are better for both or either during our everyday lives. Doesn’t a calm, thoughtful beginning to the day lead to a more satisfying end to it?



08-12-13 288a

When we are confronted with something or someone new we often retreat into ourselves a bit or get defensive. Thoughtful observation may do more for us than a knee-jerk response that might tend to reject the newness and consider it as something unappealing or even wrong for us. If we make our observation close and calm we might find that we’ve come across something important and valuable and rather than rejecting it, we could embrace it and learn something about our world and other worlds. Thinking and learning are never negative things, especially if are open to exploration and are tolerant of things differently than the way we are used to learning and thinking about things. Once we’ve opened our minds any number of possibilities for positive change or reinforcement of things as they are become possible, but we must be willing to think, without strong negative or positive bias, so that we can make choices knowledgeably or allow ourselves to enjoy what we see of the world around us. Thinking and being thoughtful are often viewed as being sad or negative, changing that viewpoint to quiet appreciation could do much to change the view that the act of thinking is a positive and enjoyable part of life rather than one that embodies sadness and devotion to a serious down feeling. Wouldn’t you rather look at thinking as a positive and pleasurable part of life than a necessarily somber thing to do?

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Taking a break

06-01-13 022a

When there is much to be done, more than we think there is time for, we frequently choose to forge ahead without taking breaks. This strategy may work for a while in the short term, but over the long run it will not. Failing to take breaks will not work if there is not time to get all work done and it will not work when there is time to finish whatever work there is. It may be even more important to take a break when there is no pressure on you to get things done than when that pressure is there. If there is an abundance of food to gather, or if there are things prepared and ready for putting together, or if required mental preparation has all been done, then taking a break to prepare oneself for the possibility of needed of work to be done more quickly, or searching done more thoroughly, is a wise choice to make. While taking a break can provide much needed rest from the frantic pace arising from large amounts of work to do, taking a break when one is bored from having too little to do can ensure that more of the little work to done is done well instead of haphazardly. Little work generally serves to lower the queality of work and breaks that one can use to focus on something a littly different than nothing can serve to refocus the mind. Aren’t breaks from relative leisure as necessary as breaks from overwork?