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Charity begins at home

04-10-13 024a

Charity is a noble sentiment and a wonderful cause to take part in, but occasionally we must pause to take a look at whether or not it is costing us too much in time, labor, and assets. As much as we would like to share with others, we must also make sure that we have enough of what we’re sharing for ourselves. It is all fine and good to give the shirt off your back  or your last dollar to someone who has none as long as you have a way to adequately cover yourself and acquire what you need for survival or all you are doing is trading one person in need for another. If you give someone food enough to keep them and their loved ones going, will you have enough for you and your loved ones? If you ‘lend’ someone money will you have enough to pay your bills? If you volunteer, will you have enough time to spend with your loved ones – and yourself? The urge to give is a strong one in most people, but must be judiciously applied or no one will benefit and some will suffer the adverse effects of thoughtless giving. When one gives without carefully thinking about it the spirit of the giving is lost; good thoughts must accompany good deeds to have any real meaning. Shouldn’t you be thoughtful and giving at home before carelessly throwing charity elsewhere?