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Work becomes easier when it’s shared

Work is easier when sharedIf you choose to work alone is it because you think you can do anything all by yourself and want the sole credit for the work? Is it because you don’t like others and want to run things in only your way? Is it because you don’t want anyone to see what you’re doing? Or is it because the work only requires one to get it done quickly and efficiently, or to save others the trouble, or because you need some alone-time? Whatever the reason, isn’t it good to at least consider company while working?


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In company

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No matter what you are doing, there are some things best done in company. Growing is one activity where it is almost impossible to make progress unless you have sounding boards and mentors and others in the same position. Or you may feel more confidence about performing your task if you know there are others attempting the same thing or tasks of their own. These others may not be ensconced right next to you, in fact they may be some distance away or even in places you can’t see them. You know they are there, though, and that knowledge may help you to concentrate on what it is you are doing on your own. As we grow physically and mentally it is crucial to know that we have more than teachers or mentors accompanying us on our journey; unless we have others against whom to gauge ourselves against we don’t know whether we are growing or performing crookedly, spinning circles, or striking directly toward our goals, whether our goals are inescapable or planned. Even shadowy presences assure you that you are not alone in making decisions or in realizing that what is happening to you is a normal progression of events. We all gain confidence if we know we have company in our endeavors. This does not mean you can’t excel or become a leader, you can’t do either without being in company and if you truly excel or lead you yourself can become a mentor for others. It is better to feel the comfort of others in growing and learning, isn’t it?