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Nascent, full-blown, or dangerous, beauty appeals to all of us. In the promise of beauty we can feel hope and anticipation for the guarantee of lovely items or actions to come. Once arrived, and the promise fulfilled, we can enjoy and revel in the actuality of beauty discovered and appreciated. Yet there are beauties that can harm us, that can be dangerous in many ways. Hurt and sorrow can come wrapped in a blanket of visual delight and emotional stimulation that seems to offer nothing but the best. This is what makes beauty so difficult to evaluate, at least quickly. Study must be given to the object or person exhibiting the qualities we consider as beautiful and when beauty is involved we seldom want to pick it apart or make judgements. We want simply to enjoy what is placed before us and are heedless of possible pitfalls. We believe that receiving the beautiful with open arms will always bring us joy; that belief is something many of us continually try to hold on to even though, unfortunately, there are beauties that are harmful. In looking at and attempting to evaluate every single thing that we consider beauty, though, we lose the spontaneity and quick, heartfelt joy of appreciating a true and timeless thing. So we are caught between a rock and a hard place and must learn, as with many other things, to take the good, sometimes with the bad, and love the beauties we can while abjuring the beauties we shouldn’t. Isn’t sometimes chancing a beautiful opportunity better than living in dullness?




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Grooming is necessary if only to maintain one’s health. We can see examples of grooming in our homes and just about everywhere else. All of the animal kingdom except man has no choice but to perform its grooming activities outside or in rudimentary shelters. Sometimes this behavior is watched and studied by man, or at least watched, commented on, and photographed. What people don’t seem to realize is that they, too, are watched while grooming in public. Or perhaps they just don’t care that their personal rituals may have negative (or too positive) effects on others. This is their privilege, there are no rules and regulations regarding public shaving, plucking, or applying makeup that I know of, but it is distracting to others and is very dangerous when people are engaging in grooming behavior while operating a vehicle of some kind. Yes, I’ve seen people dressing and doing their hair while ostensibly steering a boat. One shudders to think what aircraft pilots may do. Public groomers seem to me to be very self-involved and have very little time for the world around them; they have time only for the small circle surrounding them and their immediate interest. This may be unfair to the surreptitious lipstick/lip balm applier or to the person who stealthily runs a comb through their hair, but one can tell these people are trying to be discreet and not to make a production out of grooming necessities. Public grooming is sure to be no issue for many people, and it is not a major issue; it points up the differences between personality types and may actually be useful in defining a person’s personality and proclivities. Used as a tool that way, the extent and frequency of grooming publicly may really be a game-changer. Public grooming or private grooming – do you have a preference?