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Fogged in

01-25-14 057a

Feeling fogged in a good excuse to stop the struggle and nestle in for a good round of comfort food for thought and for stomach that can lead to an even foggier brain and foggy initiative. There is a time for this kind of activity, or non-activity, and we should take advantage of it when we can since it seldom comes around… guilt-free anyway. The luxury of not having to think and plan for any length of time can be quite rejuvenating and can lead to new ideas and a fresh perspective on may things. On the other hand, some feel trapped and helpless when the fog rolls in and it’s hard to see and damp and uncomfortable to move around. A good meal and the comfort of coziness do them no good; they must penetrate the fog, find its purpose, and discover a way to disperse it. Both points of view have their value, both involve in acceptance of the fact of the fog, or rejection of it, but both recognize that fog will present at one time or another and have developed their own strategies for dealing the fog’s inevitable, but not constant presence and have plans to keep their minds clear and in working order. When we become befogged isn’t better to at least have a hint at how we will react?


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11-09-13 043a

Sometimes we shake our heads and look around and wonder how happened to get where we are. Sometimes this is fine: we’ve had a chance to turn off our brains, relax, and drift with the flow, secure that we have no worries at the moment and won’t have them when we arrive wherever we’ve drifted either. We may even make some contacts that we will want to keep up with when we return to the regular rhythm of our days and that may become friends. However, although we may become relaxed, and lax, about our thinking and feeling, we cannot do so to the detriment of our usual lives; inevitably our usual lives are connected in one way or another with others’ lives; inevitably we must clothe and feed ourselves, and our family, if we have one. We must remain responsible for ourselves and our livelihood. So, while we must let go, drift, and unwind for a while; we must also hold on, stay on course, and wind up as well. The challenge is to maintain a balance between the two, to be able to recognize when drifting is called for and when buckling down becomes the priority. Do you think you have a handle on that balance?