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10-21-13 248a

More often than we probably should, we look at a situation, or a task, even our whole lives and say that we will keep on the way we’re going because it’s too much effort to change anything; especially our way of thinking about things. We can look at a thing and see that there are myriad possibilities and coveted rewards just a short way down the path or through the tunnel, but the minor obstacles we also see turn into major hurdles in our minds. Instead of seeing of a new or altered  course of action as too difficult or too strange without giving it a go round in your head, it could be to your advantage to stop to consider all sides of the matter, the positives as well as the negatives. With a closer look, or any look at all, some actions you might never have considered could seem actually pleasing and a fun or interesting challenge that could cause you to stretch your brain, your body, or your emotions. Remaining static does no one any good, including those close to you; by remaining static you wall yourself off and essentially become an island, untouchable and untouched. Entertaining possibility is tantamount to embracing life, isn’t it?




08-12-13 154a

Most of the time we find it comforting or are filled with relief when we can put something or things in their proper places. We put them in surroundings that help to define them for us and allow us to interact, emotionally and physically, whichever is needed, in a fashion that allows us to feel in control of the situation and ourselves. Sometimes things don’t always fit the frame in which we’d like to put them. This can be traumatic for us if we let it be, but it might be that the course to take is to evaluate the object and the frame before becoming unglued or frustrated. If we let them be, things have a tendency to show us what kind of frame they’d like to occupy and if we attempt to make things fit as we’d like them to we may be creating a situation where all parties are unhappy and uncomfortable. Taking a moment to step back and evaluate your attempt may let you see that another frame might fit the object and the situation better and may allow you to see things in a different manner as well; and that is positive too. For wouldn’t you rather be able to see things from many perspectives rather than just one?

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Drifting on the tide

07-04-13 496a

Sometimes it seems the easiest thing to do is to not do anything, to drift along letting the world take you where it may and to keep your thoughts and emotions battened down. For if you don’t think anything and you don’t feel anything, then nothing can hurt you. That is not quite right – no matter how much we shut ourselves down we will eventually feel something; and if we’ve done nothing to shape our course or to make our opinions heard we will most likely end up in a position or place that do not like, wondering how things got to this point. While at times it is good to stop and drift a while, to recharge and reevaluate, we should be prepared to steer our own course, no matter how battered or primitive our spiritual and physical conveyances are. If we don’t navigate our own course and let others or inertia do it for us we will always feel a niggling dissatisfaction; positive things won’t evoke the joy we anticipate and negative things will become the status quo. None of us deserve a negative status quo, but each one of us bears the responsibility for our own lives, not to drift on the tide of everyone else’s world. Don’t you think drifting would get awfully old after a while?