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Picture 095In many cases when one appears striding forward with strength and purpose at least half of what they accomplish has been achieved by their presentation, and the long, strong striding pace has a lot to do with that. Even if you’re not a tall person, if you take very long steps and come down relatively hard on your feet while keeping your torso upright and tall, you will command attention. A strong stride and upright carriage can be useful in a very personal way as well; When you maintain such a posture and stride, with your eyes directed straight ahead (but your peripheral vision working overtime) you are much less likely to accosted on night-time city street, or any other time and place that may feel dangerous or threatening to you. A proud stride can bolster your feelings when you’ve lost an internal battle, with yourself, a self-given challenge, or real, but non-violent opponent; you can retain dignity and commit to another try or your own challenge. The very nature of striding promotes better posture and makes walking big something to live up to for yourself. Walking big shows your pride in yourself and your confidence in your worth. Doesn’t’ striding toward goals feel much better than mere walking?