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Over my head

IMG_4388aWhen you feel you’re in over your head do you do you hide with only your mouth or nose above water, run as fast as you can toward dry ground, or float and tread water until you’ve evaluated the situation, and only then act?




STJ2013 Rebel 014a

The pale, dawn light is a good time of day to look around with an open mind; the early, ghostly light can open your eyes in whole new ways to what is physically there and to what is only there in the mind. With the illumination of such spectral light you feel able to see beyond the physical world into the world of your own mind and to be able to make clear and cogent decisions regarding important things or even not so important things. One kindles or rekindles a sense of awe and exploration more easily than the bright light of full day sometimes admits. This may have something to do with having just wakened and still remembering the answers your brain searched for all night in dreams or it may mean that you slept very well and are no longer fatigued. The transparency and sharpness of thinking in this insubstantial seeming light can set the tone for the entire day, week, or month depending upon whether you can be awake at dawn. It’s remarkable to have such clarity available in such a simple and beautiful way and should be taken advantage of when possible. Even those who are night people may want to take a look at the ghostly light of dawn; they may not have slept, but are anticipating sleep; perhaps the light will permeate their dreams and bring clarity while they sleep. Regardless of the circumstances, the light of daybreak is an ever-changing illumination of many things and is well worth seeing. Why not take advantage of dawn and its ghostly light occasionally?