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Unintended consequences

11-01-13 006a

Since we are alive we must always be in motion one way or another, even when we sleep. Unless we try to keep track of all our physical movements and our thoughts and dreams all the time, an impossible task, we will generate unintended consequences. In fact, most of the consequences that result from our actions are unintended, and mostly go unnoticed by us, though perhaps not by others. The majority of these occurrences do not immediately, or will not, cause harm. Oddly enough, those consequences that are thought about most, and even carefully planned, are the ones that cause most damage because we cannot know how every little things can and connect with or react to every other little thing, thus our good intentions fail and can bring about negative or dire consequences that require more fixing than maintenance of the planned improvement; or cannot be fixed at all. You may want to choose to do nothing, even though you are filled with good intentions, when you really don’t know enough about the situation to attempt to change it. And you may want to think carefully instead reacting blindly to situations that have aroused your joy or fury. Haven’t we all done things with unexpected, positive or negative, outcomes?