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Making waves

10-11-13 020a

Occasionally we find that the only way to get some attention paid to us or to a cause we are currently espousing is to stir things up a bit. To speak loudly or constantly or insistently enough that in frustration or weariness or defense others stop to actually listen to our message. These methods may work to some extent but they often engender only an apathetic agreement with no real commitment to our ideas or pleas for action. To effectively catch people’s attention and to motivate them to positive and productive action making small, consistent waves in their worlds can be much more to the point than making tsunami sized waves directionless, stormy waves that overwhelm and destroy our objectives or the goals we’re trying to meet. We can more easily set aside obstacles and make progress with a group of small, but consistent waves that meld together and conquer by working together and thus growing in strength and power and inexorably in the same direction. Small persuasions using logic and reachable, small steps are less intimidating and more satisfying by their successful achievement than large, flashy stabs toward unreasonable objectives. Isn’t it more satisfying to be effective with less effort than more?