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Random movement

09-03-13 186a

Sometimes we get so involved in whatever it is that we are thinking and doing that we don’t pay attention to where we’re going, if we’re moving, or to where our thoughts or emotions may lead us, if the momentum is in our heads. This might turn out just fine if we have considered and planned our course of action ahead of time, but there are times we find ourselves in places we didn’t believe we were going or in emotional places we thought we had planned to avoid. Random movements occur when we are not paying attention to ourselves and the world around us and/or when we find ourselves in a situation we don’t know how to get out of or change. Resorting to randomness is very seldom effective and can be harmful. It indicates an inability to plan and make choices about what is really best for ourselves or the lack of enough determination to even make a choice. Ultimately no one is going to make our choices for us, and we really can’t count on flailing about in a random manner to find us a reliable direction take, so it’s best to rein ourselves in, take stock, and stick to a plan we’ve devised for ourselves. Why not removes random chance from most of your life (a little can be fun)?




09-03-13 158a

There are times when rigidity and routine are invaluable in our lives. When we have what seems to be more things to do than time to do them, when we encounter rules that do not allow for any alteration, or when we find ourselves unfocused or directionless the determination to impose a routine and be rigid about it may seem to be the only rational way to achieve order and progress. But rigidity in general is not the most effective way to run our lives in the long-term. When we are flexible we can choose from a number of options open to us instead of sticking to a direction that may diverge from our ultimate goals. When we are flexible we find it much easier to deal with the people in our lives who are dear to us, who have influence over us, or who are not our favorites to deal with. Flexibility lets us impose much less pressure on ourselves and allows us to change our minds when other options or points of view are presented to us; it allows us the chance to think, ponder, and ask questions; then gives us the time choose a course of action and to do so wisely. Isn’t it preferable to be flexible than to be rigid?



08-12-13 453a

We all go through life leaving bits and pieces of ourselves everywhere around us to be found by anyone who comes across them; we are generally unaware that we do so since the majority of the legacies we leave behind we leave unknowingly. They may be a piece of litter or a $100 bill; a kind word or a curse; a gift of understanding and compassion or neglect and indifference. Some legacies we leave deliberately and, in general, these are things meant to help or educate those coming along behind us. It is the ones we leave though ignorance or unawareness of the impact we can have on others that can do damage. We must be aware that everything we do and say will or might be something that others will consider our true opinions and feelings about those around us or our surroundings. With this awareness we can judge what we do and say to be sure that we are leaving an accurate record and can alleviate misunderstandings. What is left of after we are gone, for a trip or forever, is all that will be remembered of us and if we care at all about how we’re thought of we’ll make careful choices about what we leave behind. Wouldn’t you rather be remembered in a positive way than as a negative person?

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Blue Sailor

08-05-12 011a

All of us get blue from time to time. That can be fine, as long as we don’t get too caught up in being down that we color everything around us blue as well. Being blue can add a bit of poignancy to our surroundings and cause us to view things in just a bit of a different way. It can bring out some empathy for others and give us a better understanding of why they may act the way they do at time. If we, however, allow ourselves to sink into despondency we pass the point of empathy and understanding and become merely self-centered and self-indulgent as far as using our pain to gain sympathy and favors for ourselves. Instead of allowing wallowing in woe we can allow our feeling blue to show us we are, indeed, a part of humanity and by working out why we’re blue, we can help ourselves up and out of funk, and possibly help others, if not out of a funk, then in other ways. By doing this we can spiral upward rather than downward and learn that blue isn’t always unwelcome and can even thrive in sunshine. Blue should lead upward, not downward, don’t you think?

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07-11-13 021a

No matter how much we might like the limelight or how much we might like to hide ourselves from view, there are times when we all must sing, whether we are small or great, and we all must sing solo. When that urge or that need comes upon we can choose to show everything we’ve got to an audience of one to hundreds, or we can lay out our accomplishments alone, only for ourselves. Not all tasks, work, pleasures, or needs must be performed in company. There are many that we and our culture prefer to occur in private, but with many activities it is assumed that one not only will perform them in company, but that prefers to. When this is not the case it is difficult make one’s true wishes known, especially if one is talented in some particular way; the assumption is made that one must want to show that accomplishment off, even given clear evidence to the contrary. If you wish to keep some things private and enjoy giving them to yourself, then that is something that not only must be made clear, but one must follow up that wish with firm opposition to any kind of persuasion being leveled at one. Shouldn’t you be the one in charge of distributing your own gifts?