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10-29-13 071a

Like everything else, trash has its positive and negative sides: some trash can be recycled, but some can’t; some trash can be useful, but some can be toxic; some trash can be evocative and beautiful, but some can be evocative and ugly. There are two kinds of garbage that wash up on a beach, one kind we see as natural, but can be unpleasant¬†to look at; the other is human produced garbage, and in general, it seen¬†as unsightly and damaging to the original environment. What is important to remember is that we are guests on the planet and soiling our own home, or anybody else’s for that matter, makes living in our home dangerous and potentially fatal to us and to others around us. Yes, the planet, its inhabitants, and its environment have the ability to recover and regenerate, but that power is limited, not infinite. Garbage can be looked at as having a use if it is re-used, recycled, or other uses are found for it, but it is unlikely to be re-gifted in this way if it is randomly scattered around and if most people look at it say, “oh, how awful, someone should do something.” Reclaiming our planet is our responsibility and we should begin by being responsible with our own refuse, don’t you think?