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11-09-13 043a

Sometimes we shake our heads and look around and wonder how happened to get where we are. Sometimes this is fine: we’ve had a chance to turn off our brains, relax, and drift with the flow, secure that we have no worries at the moment and won’t have them when we arrive wherever we’ve drifted either. We may even make some contacts that we will want to keep up with when we return to the regular rhythm of our days and that may become friends. However, although we may become relaxed, and lax, about our thinking and feeling, we cannot do so to the detriment of our usual lives; inevitably our usual lives are connected in one way or another with others’ lives; inevitably we must clothe and feed ourselves, and our family, if we have one. We must remain responsible for ourselves and our livelihood. So, while we must let go, drift, and unwind for a while; we must also hold on, stay on course, and wind up as well. The challenge is to maintain a balance between the two, to be able to recognize when drifting is called for and when buckling down becomes the priority. Do you think you have a handle on that balance?




07-22-13 020b

There are times when we all have a strong urge to move, to find another place to live and work and to join another community. This is fine as far as it goes, however we should never make such a move until we examine our motivations closely. If we move without thinking we learn the lesson that ‘no matter where you go, there you are’ is very true and that a move is not an escape. If you’re having trouble with mood or are frustrated or very sad, these things will not go away even if you do. When moving you must make sure that you are aware of and are willing to part with everything you have now, from physical familiarity, to personal familiarity to ingrained habits. This is not to say the moving is a bad or negative thing, it could be the best thing you ever do. But it must be planned and take place with as complete an idea of what you’re leaving and what you’re going to as possible. Generally, we don’t like surprises, especially completely unexpected and very large ones that we need to adjust ourselves to quickly and without much of a chance to assimilate. With something as large as a complete move planning is the key to success. Though it seems pedestrian, isn’t planning a good way to approach large decisions?

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Ruminations of an Amateur Philosopher

06-13-13 001a

I have started another blog which presents some of the writings of my father, who doesn’t like computers. Please feel free to take a look and decide if you or someone you know would be interested in following the paths of the meanderings of thoughts regarding our motivations and actions. Here is the link to the blog: