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Over my head

IMG_4388aWhen you feel you’re in over your head do you do you hide with only your mouth or nose above water, run as fast as you can toward dry ground, or float and tread water until you’ve evaluated the situation, and only then act?


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RelentlessRelentless energy or curiosity or even optimism, though that can be wearing at times, are generally a treat to be around and a pleasure to observe. We may be a bit jealous at the success someone receives by possessing and using these traits, but mostly they serve as examples to us and encourage on our own way. But the relentless pounding of  countless waves of discontentments like not having enough money, going to work at the same dismal job everyday for little or no reward, or the desperate loneliness of one who spends little or no time around adults engenders many negative feelings. It is very hard to venture new things or throw oneself into tasks, or to learn when drowning in woe with no perceived support. However there is one resource we often don’t take into account; we always have it with us for it is ourselves. The relentlessness of boredom or repetitiveness can be overcome by the way we think about them and the way we think about ourselves. There is no reason for us to allow the less positive sides of life to rule our worlds; we can begin the challenging task of hauling ourselves out of all the negative bog we believe surround us. Can’t we?

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Picture 155

Some people exhibit an enviable style of carrying themselves that projects a such confidence and assurance that we assume they are, indeed, confident and assured. If we looked at ourselves and dissected our own behavior we most likely would find that the times we purposely dressed, walked, and held our features in that confident and assured way were the times we felt least sure of ourselves and most in need of a burst of the courage of our convictions and the will to carry it out. It is curious that we are quick to recognize positive and admirable characteristics in others, whether they are true or not, and slow, sometimes denying, those same characteristics in ourselves. If we do display admirable characteristics, we are seldom aware that we are doing so, and the moment we do recognize that, we tend to become self-conscious our behavior or looks and lose the effect and the integrity of the effect very shortly after its detection. The embarrassment many people feel at their positive behaviors is unfortunately too prevalent among admirable people. What is wrong with being an admirable person that behaves in admirable way?


Off on a boat

STJ2013 Rebel 018b

Different kinds of relaxation and adventures offer different kinds of satisfaction. And grasping for all those different kinds of relaxation and adventure offers you that much more to enjoy and to learn. I’ll be gone for a while again, this time off on a boat. I’ll be back the middle of next week; have fun and stay safe… Doesn’t relaxation and adventure sound just right for the start of summer?