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11-21-13 011a

While asserting ourselves, carving out a place for ourselves, or pursuing our goals and dreams with a vengeance we sometimes forget that there may be a softer, gentler way of achieving the outcome we desire. It appears, and very often is, a cutthroat, dog-eat-dog world we live in that will leap on and exploit any weakness or hesitation perceived. The most common, instant reaction to those actions is to attempt to take the offensive route and seize the advantage for ourselves. This may not be the most efficacious route to take; slowing the pace of events, so that actions and reactions need not occur rapidly, can allow for real strategizing instead of reactive tactics. Moderation can be a vital tool in the push and shove of academic, professional, and interpersonal conflicts; when you give a little instead of instantly reacting defensively or offensively, using quiet language and really listen to your opponent you’ll find your stress level reduced and, incidentally, find less aggressive behavior aimed in your direction. If you don’t respond to words or actions designed to trigger your anger, fear, or resentment but remain outwardly calm and relaxed you will have taken the wind out of your opposite’s fiery sails. Isn’t it worth trying to walk more softly, if only for your own peace of mind?


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At speed

06-04-13 018a

Simply going means that you’re going at one speed or another; you could be sauntering along at the pace of a leisurely walk, you could be sprinting to the rescue of someone dear to you, you could be traveling at a moderate rate that will get ordinary tasks done in good time on ordinary days. Going at speed usually means that you are proceeding somewhat or much faster than one normally would. Sometimes when going at speed you are running away from your life or the troubles or dangers in your life. It is best to continue on at speed when you are escaping from danger or menace, one should not stick around to be abused or face the chance of abuse. However, if you are speedily trying to escape your life and the mistakes and missteps you have made in it you should realize, for you’ll surely learn, that you are speedily running in place. You can never escape yourself; no matter what occurs you will always be with yourself and your best escape from troubles, doubts, and missteps is to face them head on, not to try to run; if nothing else your shadow and especially your reflection will follow you. When you feel the desire to run is when you must look into the mirror and assess the truth about your present and begin to make a plan for the future. Running doesn’t help anything, does it?