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Disrupted plans

03-04-14 006aSometimes, maybe more than sometimes, or maybe it just seems that way, our plans get disrupted by forces beyond our influence. Such forces can include natural disasters, poor timing, temper, the ‘I really don’t feel like its,’ and the weather. All of these reasons are valid ones to cancel your participation in an event, large or small, or for you to cancel the entire occasion if you’re the one in charge. It’s even perfectly OK, and even understandable, to cancel or postpone things you are not ready for yet, perhaps a one-on-one conversation with a loved one. It is important to not get mad , especially at anyone, when an event is canceled that you really wanted to attend or that you had spent a lot more than money on. If there is nothing to be changed about the circumstances, there is no point in beating one’s head against a brick wall, knowing you are going to have bo effect whatsoever on what you are mad at or frustrated by. Better to take those energies and direct them to an alternative activity, one that is not only a substitute, but one you may ultimately find more enjoyable than the first. Isn’t it better to look away from a lost opportunity toward possibilities  than rant and rail at the lost one?




08-12-13 373a

When there is plenty all around us, plenty of food, plenty of love, plenty of satisfaction, we seldom think of when there will be none. We may not even know what to do with the plenty we do have and only nibble around the edges of it, not recognizing its extent or its impact on us and our wellbeing.To accept the bounty offered us we need to strive to be observant and to learn to appreciate what we have. Many times we don’t see that the plenty around us is not there without effort, we don’t see that we have a responsibility to accrue and maintain what we’ve been given or have obtained with our own exertions. Once we’ve recognized that plenty we should not complain that it is not enough or begin to take it for granted; it would be best if we could learn to share our bounty with others, but if giving is not possible, we can make the best use of what we have and not waste it or throw it away unthinkingly. It is imperative that we make a choice to recognize and accept whatever plenty we’ve consciously or unconsciously acquired, we have no idea when or if there will be none. Shouldn’t we accept the plenty we have with grace and pass it along if possible?



07-22-13 020b

There are times when we all have a strong urge to move, to find another place to live and work and to join another community. This is fine as far as it goes, however we should never make such a move until we examine our motivations closely. If we move without thinking we learn the lesson that ‘no matter where you go, there you are’ is very true and that a move is not an escape. If you’re having trouble with mood or are frustrated or very sad, these things will not go away even if you do. When moving you must make sure that you are aware of and are willing to part with everything you have now, from physical familiarity, to personal familiarity to ingrained habits. This is not to say the moving is a bad or negative thing, it could be the best thing you ever do. But it must be planned and take place with as complete an idea of what you’re leaving and what you’re going to as possible. Generally, we don’t like surprises, especially completely unexpected and very large ones that we need to adjust ourselves to quickly and without much of a chance to assimilate. With something as large as a complete move planning is the key to success. Though it seems pedestrian, isn’t planning a good way to approach large decisions?