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Morning routine

10-06-13 007a

It is next to impossible to move through your day without trouble or worry when your morning routine has been disturbed in some way. Being disrupted in the very beginning of the day can throw your whole mindset off. Behaving in automatic, following a routine serves to warm up the engine of the day as well as economically get needed tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating breakfast, done without having to rev up those brain cells. When you slip into your routine you don’t have to think about what you are actually doing, you can think about the coming day and make your plans and backup plans for the day. While thinking of the day ahead you can define those moments and times that will give you pleasure of one sort or another and have a series of things to look forward to and to anticipate if you encounter difficulties or resistance at various points throughout the day. This is not to say that routine should be embraced at all times, to do that would be to excise the large amount of enjoyment, surprise, and satisfaction that is derived from experiencing all the moments in your waking day. Should we allow daily preparation to be autonomic?



Early morning meditation

08-12-13 135a

When we are beginning our day, especially if we know that it may be a stressful or intense one, we might consider taking a bit of time to reflect upon what really is upcoming; and reflect upon and internalize calm, contented feelings. It is easier to face stressful and hectic situations in a calm way by starting from a firm base of confidence and tranquility. Once we’ve grounded ourselves and taken on the idea of the responsibilities and tasks of the day we have them half-conquered already. Most surprises or unexpected twists and turns to the day can be dealt with prior to their happening if we hone our minds to sharpness by rising a touch earlier than usual to prepare oneself for almost any eventuality. When we’re running late and must hurriedly dress and run out the door we are thrown out of our usual routine and this can lead to disaster. Not only has our routine been hugely disturbed, we try to get back to it and usually fail by trying too hard to do so. Once one thing does not go our way we put ourselves in the path of mishap since we are no longer in places at times we are used to. Whether we meditate formally or stick to a set routine, we are better for both or either during our everyday lives. Doesn’t a calm, thoughtful beginning to the day lead to a more satisfying end to it?



02-28-13 008a

When one’s life or a loved one’s life is in danger it is best to have a strategy in mind to repel or avoid that danger. When you live, like we do, in fairly scattered groups it would make sense for us to gather together to make contingency plans against an intruder or disaster of some kind. Many of us have made such plans, but very few of us have practiced them or even remember there is a plan when an actual emergency arises. It’s not fun to think of negative possibilities, but it’s even less fun to be unprepared. The majority of us don’t go to stock up food or water unless the weather forecasters are predicting a storm already on the way. We don’t check the batteries in flashlights or even have flashlights until we’re warned of a power outage. Perhaps we put off basic preparation for unpleasant things because we believe they won’t happen to us or are in denial, but the vast majority of us do put it off – and sometimes castigate those caught unprepared in other areas. We do not want to live as if there were a sword or an eagle hanging over our heads, but it does make sense to be prepared to acknowledge that dire possibilities exist and to map out provisions for addressing them if they do happen to happen to us. Once we feel we’ve made a plan that will keep us from panicking and spinning our wheels we can revert to daily living and the comfort of our own routines and lives. As with the boy scouts, shouldn’t we all be prepared?