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Picture 095In many cases when one appears striding forward with strength and purpose at least half of what they accomplish has been achieved by their presentation, and the long, strong striding pace has a lot to do with that. Even if you’re not a tall person, if you take very long steps and come down relatively hard on your feet while keeping your torso upright and tall, you will command attention. A strong stride and upright carriage can be useful in a very personal way as well; When you maintain such a posture and stride, with your eyes directed straight ahead (but your peripheral vision working overtime) you are much less likely to accosted on night-time city street, or any other time and place that may feel dangerous or threatening to you. A proud stride can bolster your feelings when you’ve lost an internal battle, with yourself, a self-given challenge, or real, but non-violent opponent; you can retain dignity and commit to another try or your own challenge. The very nature of striding promotes better posture and makes walking big something to live up to for yourself. Walking big shows your pride in yourself and your confidence in your worth. Doesn’t’ striding toward goals feel much better than mere walking?



Looking back

12-25-13 032a

Some people say it is always a mistake to look back while other say one must look back in order to know how to go forward. Both can be true, even at the same time. What tends to make a difference in whether one will be progressing forward or slipping backward is in one’s own personality and learning style. While most of us would prefer to move forward and to make progress on goals and wants, there are a few of us who would rather have the attention that failure gives than to admit to any goals or wants. These people bemoan the fact that it is difficult to move forward and the path is strewn with obstacles or they stop to mourn their failures, ask for sympathy, and never start moving again. These are choices they’ve chosen to make, but those of us who have made the choice to continue forging on should not stop to sympathize for long or to give a hand to someone who doesn’t really want it, who just wants the attention. We can stop to look back with curiosity and an a-ha or two, but we can also choose to turn and face forward again. Wouldn’t you prefer to look forward to new and dreamed of things than to always look back and constantly trip what is in front of you? 

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11-03-13 045b

We all have reasons to feel proud of ourselves, we may have achieved a goal we have set ourselves or that someone else has set for us, we may, in company with a team, have overcome an obstacle or removed a barrier to success, or we may have made it through the day in the face of opposition. All of these victories, and more, are things that we should feel proud of. But pride, well-deserved pride, has acquired a negative connotation that it doesn’t always deserve. However, an excess of pride can, and should, be seen as harmful to others and, in time, detrimental to the prideful person. Those who are proud of themselves for undeserving reasons or feel proud that they are better than anyone else without justification give pride a bad name. With these bad examples, seen almost anywhere, it can feel embarrassing or dishonest to receive praise and recognition for the things we have done that we should feel proud of. When it comes to hiding our light under a bushel, thus fostering false modesty, we might consider again choose to accept accolades, and most importantly, acknowledge to ourselves that we have done something admirable, handled a bad situation well, that we are really good people. Wouldn’t you like to feel pride in yourself without guilt?

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Needs must

01-27-13 055a

Because of necessity there are times when one must find the will to do things we know we have to but feel we haven’t the strength or enough time to complete. We must descend into the morass of  “issues” and “responsibilities” and “business” to just maintain the bare bones of our daily existence. This can be overwhelming at times to the point that we feel the need for some kind of expression; and we do express ourselves in many ways, from a rage to denial to passive-aggressive compliance with the demands being made of us. These responses can be momentarily rewarding however they only satisfy our immediate feelings, they don’t solve the ongoing circumstances that make up the largely dreary business of daily life. It may be for the ongoing good of and the transformation of this daily business to dive in and wrestle straightforwardly and actively with it; with a small change in attitude you may find the daily grind challenging in a positive way and find new aspects of it to enjoy and feel satisfaction in the small goals accomplished by head-on attack. The water may not be as deep or the bottom as frightening as you might think. Often tasks have a way of diminishing the dread of beginning them once they have been started; completion becomes easier and your satisfaction with yourself becomes more attainable every day. The efforts you make at mundane work do not need to remain mundane. With a small change in the attitude toward your effort a small amount of earned pride goes a long way. This can lead to positive self-esteem if built up moment by moment and day by day. Once a routine or standard you set yourself has been established and adhered to you could find that there is nothing drab or dreary about taking care of necessary tasks. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy and take pride in the dull necessities of life than rant and rail over them?