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Following a rainbow

05-13-13 025a

I’ll be following a rainbow for the next few days; as rainbows are transitory, I’ll need to pause and return next week. Have a safe time and I hope you’ll enjoy all of it.



Something for nothing

05-01-13 029a

We all marvel at beauty and so seeking it at various times when we have the chance and the inclination. Unfortunately we don’t see that we have those chances much more than we think we do. Beauty and marvels are all around us all the time; we generally don’t take the time to look up from what we consider immensely important things to glance around and recognize what is right in front of us. It only takes a minute, or just a few seconds from our important tasks to appreciate a rainbow or a flower or to catch a fragment of a song and these things can give our overworked senses and our brains a quick break. With these mini-breaks we can disengage with the effort we’re putting and be refreshed, more competent, and be able to move forward with more energy than before our glimpse of beauty or our wonder at something completely unexpected. The universe offers so much up to us that we fail to appreciate or even notice; it’s a shame that we don’t appreciate these gifts, these gifts that can encourage us to see the beauty in ourselves and the wonders that we can achieve. Shouldn’t we take the time for such brief breaks from our routines?



02-05-12 02

There is no such thing as a standard rainbow, all rainbows are wonders of light and moisture. There are traditional rainbows, and we all know what someone means when they say they’ve seen a rainbow. These traditional rainbows have the possibility of good luck or money associated with them. It seems to me that not everyone should assume they are deserving of the good luck and good fortune possible upon finding the end of the rainbow. Those who have made an effort at anything positive or helpful to others should surely be the ones eligible to win the jackpot or pot of gold. Or perhaps it only takes a positive attitude and sunny disposition to able to win the prize. In any event, we cannot make those kinds of decisions – after all the luck and money associated with traditional rainbows is a purely random thing. In the back of our minds we’re always wondering, just a little, whether the luck or money might come our way.

04-30-12 018a Even if fortune doesn’t smile on us that way we are lucky enough to have a plenitude of other kinds of rainbows, too. Because of the properties of light and water rainbows can be seen almost anywhere the two are combined, with a light source added. Whether it be in a wave’s spray, though ice in a glass, or a droplet on a flower we see the same combination of colors in the same order. The newness and amazement are always present when a rainbow is spotted even if we’ve seen one only minutes before. Perhaps it is an unknowing, but realized function of our brains that is celebrating the fact that we can see at all.  Or perhaps it is the delight in harmonious color and something viewed in a normal place that is made extraordinary by a rainbow. It seems a shame that many animals cannot see what we are seeing. They can see in other spectrums, though, so maybe they can see their own rainbows, ones that we cannot see. Whatever really happens when rainbows appear they always seem to bring a touch of joy to the moment. Doesn’t a rainbow make your day feel a bit more special?