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Separate entrances

PTDC0035aWe all, mostly, take for granted that there will separate entrances to women’s and men’s restrooms even if they turn out be co-ed, there are usually separate entrances to wherever an entertainment is taking place for guests and for employees, and there are separate entrances for deliveries and patrons of various establishments. As well, as we know, there have been, and still are, separate entrances for different races and people of different socio-economic backgrounds. People develop a repugnance for and a desire to change the door they are expected to use because of their assigned lower socio-economic status and/or so-called ‘inferior’ race therefore creating or reinforcing the belief that there is a real difference between different types of human beings. Because of the sensed or seen resentment thus dislike of the ‘entitled’ group its members try to become even more entrenched in their coveted positions and arm their defenses for use against the ‘rabble.’ Though there have been many attempts and some successes regarding the equalization of entrances and exits, the attitudes of both groups and many other instances of establishing and maintaining a divide between those with differing education, amounts of money, races, or perceived talent, don’t really change. Wouldn’t working toward accepting that we are all human beings, with no essential differences create an easier path for us to follow instead of bickering and fighting ourselves further apart? 


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06-04-13 040a

Most of us feel we are in control of what is happening to us most of the time. But for all of us there are times of confusion and dislocation when we don’t know what has just happened or is happening. We may be alone or we may be in a group, but our actions can be characterized in several ways that are not necessarily dependent upon our state of mind at the time. We can be flailing around with no discernible focus, we can be proceeding in a straight and narrow course directly toward what we should be avoiding, we can be denying that we are confused at all and airily flit off into chaos – these are all responses that we’ve all indulged in at certain periods of confusion. However, in order to emerge from a state of confusion we must first identify what is confusing to us or about the situation. Taking stock of the situation should be the primary consideration when taking any action, but when one must evade confusion before taking any action it should be our primary mission. In order to know where to go one must know where one is in the first place. Shouldn’t dispersing confusion be a goal ahead of performing any action?