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Missed opportunities

IMG_3476cMissed opportunities always bother us; we feel we’ve lost something valuable, rather than potentially valuable and can work ourselves up into an unnecessary and possibly detrimental state of mind. Once one focuses on the lost opportunities staring one in the face a number of choices disappear, we find we have become very limited  in our interactions with the world, and we no longer have effective control over ourselves. To rub salt in the wound, all of this may have occurred for no real reason at all. Many of the opportunities that appear to us are not really worth even considering; if we thought about that particular opportunity for only a short time we could easily see that getting all worked up over something we don’t want or need is non-productive, silly, and takes away from things we do need. There are times when we are faced with more than one opportunity; this is a time to remain especially calm and objective there is no reason to waste time and emotion trying to make use of both or all opportunities presented to you. What is stretched between many is not as well done, efficient, or appreciated as one’s full attention focused on one task or pleasure. Shouldn’t we pay attention when opportunities come chasing after us rather than leaping at every one of them?


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Bed-headWe all have, at some time, discovered that we have been out in public, even among close friends and loved ones, and that we don’t look just as we would like to. Sometimes having a hem unravel, or wearing one shoe black and one brown, or going out the door without making sure we weren’t the victim of bed-head wouldn’t bother us, but the majority of the time we are mortified and want the ground to open up and swallow us than to have to bear the scrutiny of friends and strangers. What we fail to recognize is that our friends and family may have a good laugh at us just because they can, it is not meant to hurt. And some of the time they won’t even notice that there is something that you think is wrong. Strangers couldn’t care less how we look and act unless they’re directly impacted. No, the one that cares the most about our faux pas is us; our ownselves. We have such a firm grasp upon how we are supposed to look to the world that it bothers us to the extreme when we don’t live up to our own expectations. In living up to and achieving our own standards and hopes we give ourselves and others the best of us, don’t we? 

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Picture 095In many cases when one appears striding forward with strength and purpose at least half of what they accomplish has been achieved by their presentation, and the long, strong striding pace has a lot to do with that. Even if you’re not a tall person, if you take very long steps and come down relatively hard on your feet while keeping your torso upright and tall, you will command attention. A strong stride and upright carriage can be useful in a very personal way as well; When you maintain such a posture and stride, with your eyes directed straight ahead (but your peripheral vision working overtime) you are much less likely to accosted on night-time city street, or any other time and place that may feel dangerous or threatening to you. A proud stride can bolster your feelings when you’ve lost an internal battle, with yourself, a self-given challenge, or real, but non-violent opponent; you can retain dignity and commit to another try or your own challenge. The very nature of striding promotes better posture and makes walking big something to live up to for yourself. Walking big shows your pride in yourself and your confidence in your worth. Doesn’t’ striding toward goals feel much better than mere walking?



IMG_2757Anyone from anywhere has been told at some time or another, usually beginning when one is quite young, how to behave and which is the right way and which is the wrong way to perform certain actions. It is understandable, and necessary, for general cultural standards of behavior since any group or culture tends to partially define itself  by certain mutual behaviors. It is also understandable that there are even more general behavioral standards that are applied tl all human cultures and in other animal cultures around the world as well, such as don’t kill your own kind. However there are standards of behavior taught with all the intensity of the major ones. These are beginning to be taught to children as young as one or two years old even though they don’t seem to be as critical as they are made out to be. Manners, such as table manners or wedding etiquette, could as easily be a matter of personal choice as well as being a matter of everyone’s business. Yet people are castigated or praise on the basis of their expressions of etiquette and judgements are made about them. Decisions are made about whether or not certain people are accepted into a society and a version of mob behavior ensures that that opinion is propagated throughout that particular group. When cultures and peoples have become as mixed as the Earth’s has, isn’t it fairly ridiculous to maintain those prejudices based on something as minor as clothing or diet?