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11-09-13 043a

Sometimes we shake our heads and look around and wonder how happened to get where we are. Sometimes this is fine: we’ve had a chance to turn off our brains, relax, and drift with the flow, secure that we have no worries at the moment and won’t have them when we arrive wherever we’ve drifted either. We may even make some contacts that we will want to keep up with when we return to the regular rhythm of our days and that may become friends. However, although we may become relaxed, and lax, about our thinking and feeling, we cannot do so to the detriment of our usual lives; inevitably our usual lives are connected in one way or another with others’ lives; inevitably we must clothe and feed ourselves, and our family, if we have one. We must remain responsible for ourselves and our livelihood. So, while we must let go, drift, and unwind for a while; we must also hold on, stay on course, and wind up as well. The challenge is to maintain a balance between the two, to be able to recognize when drifting is called for and when buckling down becomes the priority. Do you think you have a handle on that balance?


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A break in the stillness

07-04-13 273a

Life can be tranquil and feel good and fine and just right, but there comes a time when that tranquility must be interrupted, even if just for a moment. One can become so used to and lulled by stillness that one begins to stop participating in life; to interact and make an effort at interacting with others becomes too great a chore and one’s ability to communicate is impaired. It is fine if one chooses the contemplative life, but one should not forget that there is a larger world out there and that there are responsibilities waiting to be fulfilled. These don’t have to be accomplished with a shout and a roar and great turmoil; one can go about the business of living our world without fanfare and with minimal upset to one’s stillness and calm if one so chooses, though keeping the calm is an effort also. Once a certain calmness has been achieved, and it is a good thing have a place of stillness we can work from, then one must not think a small wake as one moves on through life is a bad thing, but may help show us a new way or help to explain where we’ve been. Taking a break from being still and calm is as beneficial as taking a break from energy and effort, don’t you think?

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At speed

06-04-13 018a

Simply going means that you’re going at one speed or another; you could be sauntering along at the pace of a leisurely walk, you could be sprinting to the rescue of someone dear to you, you could be traveling at a moderate rate that will get ordinary tasks done in good time on ordinary days. Going at speed usually means that you are proceeding somewhat or much faster than one normally would. Sometimes when going at speed you are running away from your life or the troubles or dangers in your life. It is best to continue on at speed when you are escaping from danger or menace, one should not stick around to be abused or face the chance of abuse. However, if you are speedily trying to escape your life and the mistakes and missteps you have made in it you should realize, for you’ll surely learn, that you are speedily running in place. You can never escape yourself; no matter what occurs you will always be with yourself and your best escape from troubles, doubts, and missteps is to face them head on, not to try to run; if nothing else your shadow and especially your reflection will follow you. When you feel the desire to run is when you must look into the mirror and assess the truth about your present and begin to make a plan for the future. Running doesn’t help anything, does it?


To thrive

05-18-13 003a

Humans are all of one species, we will thrive in very different climates, cultures, and mental environments.  But it can be seen that a person raised in one climate has difficulty in adjusting to another and may never do so; this inability applies also to culture and mental adaptation. Our environment is central to our well-being and the closer we come to living in an environment that matches our physical, cultural, and mental capacities, the happier and more well-adjusted we will be. When we are happy and well-adjusted we thrive and can grow and prosper. Unfortunately many of us cannot or are not willing to relocate to a place where they can thrive. One can look at this behavior as unreasonable if one is looking only at the well-being of one particular person, but one can never do that. Since we are social beings we must be in contact with our natural families as well as one or more other communities we belong to for support and pleasure. Everyone’s ideal environment is somewhat different so any given group of people will have some people contain some who are not in the best place for their physical and mental make-up. This confuses the issue, we may not know we could theoretically make a choice to find a place to thrive, and we may not want to if the others we feel close to might choose another place. Is it more important for us to thrive or is it more important to maintain our group identities?