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To bite off more than you can chew

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When there is something that someone wants, and wants badly, the general impulse it to go after it with everything you’ve got. The trouble is that though effort and persistence are needed to achieve your aim, too much trying or too much doggedness can lead to failure; and this can lead to the loss of excitement and healthy challenge that can make you truly excel and meet or exceed your expectations of yourself. A key to achieving ultimate success is to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, then to set goals and create your expectations within your ability to accomplish them without lending too much credence to others’ opinions. Only you can make any close to accurate judgements regarding your ability or lack of ability to contend with or reach for a specific thing and only you can make choices about what is success, what is almost success, and what has been a good try. If you bite off more than you can chew it is generally because you haven’t listened to what you really have to say to yourself or because you are acting on impulse, not giving considered thought to your choice. Will you be thinking before making any resolutions this year?




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Sometimes it looks and feels as though we’ll do anything to keep our place in one group or another. We may find ourselves attempting and doing things we would never have dreamed of in an earlier version of our lives. Feeling this way is nothing odd or new with us: we are presented with a limited number of groups to join throughout our lives and we tend to take the easier course and make do with what we find close around us, whether or not the ideals and mores of the group(s) we’ve found ourselves in match ours. If we leave the situation as it is and, in fact, try out hardest to fit in where we really don’t, we’ll find ourselves unhappy and wondering why. It takes some courage, but is necessary, to look inside ourselves and to challenge our own decisions about where we spend the majority of our free waking hours and what we consider our likes an dislikes. Even once we’ve discovered where we’d rather be and who we’d rather be with, it takes gumption and a strong desire to feel right and comfortable to actually do anything about the present situation besides complain and struggle with unhappiness. We have an obligation to ourselves to place ourselves in the places where we feel most comfortable and where we can be congenial rather than struggle where we are. Why stay in an OK place when you can shine in another?