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There are times when we just don’t want to hurry, we want to slow our neck-breaking pace to be able to look around, we want to take our time and feel comfortable. we don’t want to go to sleep right now, we want to wander around and relax; doing, reading, or thinking just one more thing. Dawdling is usually associated with children who lag when you are trying to get somewhere, pull your hand while they try to examine something to the side, or whine about going to bed. Though it doesn’t seem so dawdling is most often a function of curiosity, not of laziness or whining dislike of  whatever is to hand. If we weren’t curious about the world around us or inside us we wouldn’t be tempted to slow down and observe things closely enough to understand them and ponder them in a leisurely way. It can be a real pleasure to relax with one’s own thoughts and not be hurry, hurry, hurrying to accomplish so much in the limited time we believe have, but it can also be difficult to slow down. It’s odd that a lot of the time we must make an effort to look around and truly see what we are looking at and allow ourselves to have complete thoughts about it. Don’t you think dawdling could help us slow down a bit and observe a bit more?