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Work becomes easier when it’s shared

Work is easier when sharedIf you choose to work alone is it because you think you can do anything all by yourself and want the sole credit for the work? Is it because you don’t like others and want to run things in only your way? Is it because you don’t want anyone to see what you’re doing? Or is it because the work only requires one to get it done quickly and efficiently, or to save others the trouble, or because you need some alone-time? Whatever the reason, isn’t it good to at least consider company while working?


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Smile & the whole world smiles with you

08-25-13 006a

The saying is, “smile and the whole world smiles with you;” then doesn’t it follow that not only when you frown whole world frowns, too? And when you grieve or celebrate, the whole world follows suit? These contentions lead to the argument that the only person who really matters is one’s own self and that no care need be taken of anyone else, including friends and family. A person who truly believed this to be true would be impossible to get along with for long. We all have times that we need to be the center of the universe, but these are usually tied to a specific event, these times do not last long, and if they do we find we have no one willing to be close to us any more.  There is a need among humans, and other animals, to share delight and sorrow, apathy and energy; but there must also be a give and take so that one person does not dominate activities or emotions and leaves room for others to share. Generally, we wouldn’t want to influence the whole world anyway; whether we smile or cry, it’s more comfortable to keep our emotions limited to our own circle of supporters than to be spread very thinly around. Shouldn’t we choose to share our emotions with a select few and not dilute them with unknown hordes?

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07-11-13 021a

No matter how much we might like the limelight or how much we might like to hide ourselves from view, there are times when we all must sing, whether we are small or great, and we all must sing solo. When that urge or that need comes upon we can choose to show everything we’ve got to an audience of one to hundreds, or we can lay out our accomplishments alone, only for ourselves. Not all tasks, work, pleasures, or needs must be performed in company. There are many that we and our culture prefer to occur in private, but with many activities it is assumed that one not only will perform them in company, but that prefers to. When this is not the case it is difficult make one’s true wishes known, especially if one is talented in some particular way; the assumption is made that one must want to show that accomplishment off, even given clear evidence to the contrary. If you wish to keep some things private and enjoy giving them to yourself, then that is something that not only must be made clear, but one must follow up that wish with firm opposition to any kind of persuasion being leveled at one. Shouldn’t you be the one in charge of distributing your own gifts?

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07-15-13 028a

There are situations and circumstances when wants to display pure exuberance; one just can’t hold the joy at life and sheer desire to show that exuberance. The most distinct aspect of that feeling is the need to share it and to make other people feel the same way about life and the moment. And one of the most delightful aspects of and showing that exuberance is that it is catching. If you can feel comfortable about displaying a joyful feeling, others must be affected and have their moods heightened by yours. This in turn cycles back to you and you become even more exuberant. Of all the spiraling cycles we can encounter this positive one is the one we should most strive to achieve, because it is so positive and can be of benefit to so many, most especially ourselves. Even a tiny expression of happiness or pleasure can change a roomful of glumness to a roomful of budding positive feelings and foster the power to make good things happen. Or can allow a glimmer or ray energy to engage people and urge them to action, action for positive, not negative things. Isn’t it a fine thing to think that we can share our exuberance with others and, possibly, affect the whole world’s outlook?

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Double duty

05-04-13 042a

There may be so much going on in your life that you know you can’t possibly get everything done or look out for everyone you need to or protect yourself from harm. You may wish that you could clone yourself, but given today’s technology that isn’t possible; besides, a clone would not necessarily think the way you do. You may continue to take on more and more tasks because you feel there is no other option, but this choice will most likely lead to poor and half-baked outcomes. Or you may ask for help and support. At the very least someone in your corner, supporting you can lead to an elevated attitude and burst of energized activity. This is not the best solution to aid a  life that is overwhelming since adrenaline and short bursts of any activity are not, in and of themselves, meant for long-term use. Abandoning absolute control, giving up the attempt to run everything in and attached to your life will free you to have the time and allow you to know and work on your own issues. Learning to delegate is another solution that works for overcrowded schedules, internal and external. To separate those duties only you can be responsible for from those you’ve claimed ‘just because’ and trust others to handle, not only you, but others interacting with you will feel more comfortable and feel assured that what needs doing is getting done well.  Isn’t sharing control is better than burning yourself out?