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Expanding Evening

Evening Falling

One hardly notices when evening begins fall in most cases. This is a real shame since the transformation from day to evening  time, coming night is a fascinating and beautiful thing to watch and appreciate. It is also a time for thinking and wondering and allow awe to overcome our senses. As the evening progresses, the sky expands and one can feel one’s mind lose its conventional boundaries and, if we allow it, imagination can take over our dreary and worn out minds and welcome beauty and wonder in for at least a few moments. We can feel we’re expanding as the coming night sky is asserting itself. Not a bad place to be in.


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Light at the end of the tunnel

11-12-13 005a

When trudging on and on through day after day with nose to grindstone gets overwhelming, it can be heartening to lift your head and catch a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. It can also be very worth your while to not only raise your gaze from your toes to gain strength from that distant light; if you look to either side you may spy another path to take that could quicken your journey or smooth some of the bumps from it. If you turn for a moment and look backward you may find encouragement from the distance you’ve already come and the obstacles you’ve already overcome. Choosing to acknowledge that there is light ahead and that you can achieve your goals enable you to insert patches of contentment, or even instances of happiness, into your daily trudging drudgery. There are some who choose to remain put upon or hopeless or to whine about their circumstances; that is their choice, we can change the way we feel by the choices we make about our attitudes; there are plenty of platitudes and clichés about this very thing – but at times we need a wake-up call to remember the choices are out there and that it is up to us to make them. Doesn’t hope trump despair?

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05-17-13 006a

We form many pictures in our minds of how we believe or want to believe the world really is. This helps us to make things around us look better, to make people we love seem more loving and kind, and to present ourselves differently than we really are. We generally forget, or never let into our consciousness, is that we are not the only people using this strategy; everyone sees things differently intrinsically and everyone strives to create or maintain the illusions already existing in their minds. What seems even stranger, stranger than everyone’s different perceptions, is that we mostly tend to and want to keep our perceptions to ourselves. We seldom talk about the shade of blue we’re seeing, or the background we behind a stand of flowers or behind the backlit form of an animal or bird, or even the bird or animal themselves. If we did speak from our perceptions it may be that myriad misunderstandings could be avoided and avoidable. What a change in society that would make…however we are inviolably individuals and therefore must be satisfied with our individual perceptions, though we could make a much stronger effort to take note of and ask about other people’s perceptions. Doing so might even lead to a more understanding world or town or school or family. Is there a reason we shouldn’t share more?


Something for nothing

05-01-13 029a

We all marvel at beauty and so seeking it at various times when we have the chance and the inclination. Unfortunately we don’t see that we have those chances much more than we think we do. Beauty and marvels are all around us all the time; we generally don’t take the time to look up from what we consider immensely important things to glance around and recognize what is right in front of us. It only takes a minute, or just a few seconds from our important tasks to appreciate a rainbow or a flower or to catch a fragment of a song and these things can give our overworked senses and our brains a quick break. With these mini-breaks we can disengage with the effort we’re putting and be refreshed, more competent, and be able to move forward with more energy than before our glimpse of beauty or our wonder at something completely unexpected. The universe offers so much up to us that we fail to appreciate or even notice; it’s a shame that we don’t appreciate these gifts, these gifts that can encourage us to see the beauty in ourselves and the wonders that we can achieve. Shouldn’t we take the time for such brief breaks from our routines?