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Stranger in a familiar land

12-15-13 032a

There are times we feel that we don’t know a familiar place at all: we don’t know the landscape, we don’t know the language, we don’t even know those who are or who have been closest to us. We feel a disconnect from the reality we have come to know as our own and  can’t, for a time, sometimes a long time, bridge the gap that separate us from all that is comfortable and that used to feel just right. This can be caused by many things: small, short-lived things like fatigue or intense concentration, or by longer acting things such as an absence or ideological clash. For the shorter-lived things one generally needs only to wait and continue along one’s regular path and normalcy will reassert itself sooner or later. For longer term feelings of dislocation one must take a look at one’s core beliefs and evaluate any changes in actions or the direction one is, consciously or unconsciously, now going. It is good to check to see if your companions’ language or behavior has begun to mystify you or if your behavior or language has begun to mystify them. When one has begun to feel like a stranger in formerly familiar surroundings one can only take to heart what one has learned and move on to the next stage, don’t you think?