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Morning routine

10-06-13 007a

It is next to impossible to move through your day without trouble or worry when your morning routine has been disturbed in some way. Being disrupted in the very beginning of the day can throw your whole mindset off. Behaving in automatic, following a routine serves to warm up the engine of the day as well as economically get needed tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating breakfast, done without having to rev up those brain cells. When you slip into your routine you don’t have to think about what you are actually doing, you can think about the coming day and make your plans and backup plans for the day. While thinking of the day ahead you can define those moments and times that will give you pleasure of one sort or another and have a series of things to look forward to and to anticipate if you encounter difficulties or resistance at various points throughout the day. This is not to say that routine should be embraced at all times, to do that would be to excise the large amount of enjoyment, surprise, and satisfaction that is derived from experiencing all the moments in your waking day. Should we allow daily preparation to be autonomic?



‘Round the bend

04-26-13 008a

‘Round the bend is a euphemism in our culture that means you’re going crazy. But consider where that connotation may have come from. Throughout history people have had dreams of exploration; at first exploring new lands, the seas, and space and also exploring the regions of the mind and body. As technology has driven us further and further up, out, and inward there has never been a dearth of people who want to do or participate in that exploration. In past years, seeing someone off on a journey to search for objects or concepts new and old, one could see them go, go around the bend and be gone. Sometimes it was a crazy venture they’d embarked upon and did not end well, but sometimes great strides were made, for mankind at least, and new knowledge was acquired. unfortunately one of the things that has remained is the concept that going ’round the bend’ is a futile, reckless, or insane undertaking that could yield only negative results. This is an unfortunate  point of view since we’d have significantly less knowledge, know fewer places, and be much less aware of ourselves and other beings than we already do. Without this scope and variety of knowledge we are and could be much less able to make decisions that could affect all of mankind. Wouldn’t you like to go ’round the bend occasionally and discover something new and exciting?

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03-27-13 011a

Transparency is a fine trait for individuals, larger groups, and various non-living entities to display, but as thinking and feeling people we have a need to keep a  selection of private, or what should be private, things from other people or large organizations. In this age of infinite information gathering and storing it is almost impossible to keep any part of our lives confidential and private.  We can try to keep a little privacy in our lives in a different ways by learning to hold on to what we consider exclusive information while seeming to be revealing it all to one or another corporate or medical group. We can reflect a piece of information back to the questioner so that what they are aware of is that they are getting an answer to their question, not that that answer is a reflection of the question they asked and not what they asked for at all. You can mask the answer you give by a partial answer, one that doesn’t reveal what you choose to keep private, but does toss a bone to your questioner. You can color any of your responses so that they mask your true intent or any facts about you. None of these methods is strictly lying or strictly telling the truth, but it can help you to maintain the truth of yourself and the truth in your heart and to keep these truths private and at your discretion to reveal to whomever you choose. Can you think of others ways to answer questions without really answering?