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10-31-13 045b

We are a species that appreciates and actively works to be surrounded by symmetry; if there is a right side to something, there must be a left; if a certain amount has been given to ‘a,’ then the same amount must be given to ‘b;’ if a piece of art looks wrong to us, it’s because too much or too little of a thing on one side or the other. What we strive for in and outside our minds is a balance; a balance not skewed to one side or the other, but a balance indicating that there is no danger of falling down or shooting up in a precipitate manner. We’d rather maintain the status quo than to rock the boat, though there are always some willing to shake things up to see what will happen or to jar loose fresh ideas or ways of looking at things. This can be a boon if we have become complacent or set in our ways or glued to one routine just because it is a routine. But it is important to look at all sides of an endeavor, large or small, and once you’ve done that, a choice can be made whether or not to maintain symmetry or opt for a therapeutic change. Wouldn’t you rather make a choice than follow blind routine?




12-29-12 014a

It doesn’t really matter what you want to do, what matters is how much it matters to you. You may encounter dubiousness, disbelief, or resistance, but if what you want to do matters enough to you, you will persevere. There is nothing that takes no effort at all; even lying down to take a nap requires a plan and motivation to accomplish. Larger plans and goals require more effort to complete, though sometimes it is the smaller things that turn out to need the most dogged effort to achieve. It may be that you didn’t realize how much a given task was going to demand of you or that obstacles are thrown in your path; yet still we persevere, even beyond what is healthy or even when we know we’re going to fail. You may be perceived as being stubborn when engaged upon an effortful task, but there is a difference between stubbornness and persevering; being stubborn is blind determination, perseverance is thoughtful determination. When you persist in being stubborn and do not pause to evaluate the stumbling blocks in front of you, you run the risk of getting hurt in more ways than failing at your task; you may also hurt yourself physically or mentally, then have only yourself to blame. That is a very undesirable situation and one to be avoided at all costs. Persevering in your efforts is much more evenhanded and is thought out beforehand rather than improvised along the way or as situations arise. Once you’ve decided on a course of action you’d like to take and/or upon a goal to achieve, make a plan to complete that course of action or achieve that goal, and take known and possible obstacles into consideration. After planning is the time to begin your attempt. Then it is the time to forge ahead, with contingencies in mind, and strive to the best of your abilities. Then is the time to persevere. Wouldn’t you rather start striving with a good chance at success than be faced with uncertainty throughout your venture?