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Blue Sailor

08-05-12 011a

All of us get blue from time to time. That can be fine, as long as we don’t get too caught up in being down that we color everything around us blue as well. Being blue can add a bit of poignancy to our surroundings and cause us to view things in just a bit of a different way. It can bring out some empathy for others and give us a better understanding of why they may act the way they do at time. If we, however, allow ourselves to sink into despondency we pass the point of empathy and understanding and become merely self-centered and self-indulgent as far as using our pain to gain sympathy and favorsĀ for ourselves. Instead of allowing wallowing in woe we can allow our feeling blue to show us we are, indeed, a part of humanity and by working out why we’re blue, we can help ourselves up and out of funk, and possibly help others, if not out of a funk, then in other ways. By doing this we can spiral upward rather than downward and learn that blue isn’t always unwelcome and can even thrive in sunshine. Blue should lead upward, not downward, don’t you think?