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Drifting on the tide

07-04-13 496a

Sometimes it seems the easiest thing to do is to not do anything, to drift along letting the world take you where it may and to keep your thoughts and emotions battened down. For if you don’t think anything and you don’t feel anything, then nothing can hurt you. That is not quite right – no matter how much we shut ourselves down we will eventually feel something; and if we’ve done nothing to shape our course or to make our opinions heard we will most likely end up in a position or place that do not like, wondering how things got to this point. While at times it is good to stop and drift a while, to recharge and reevaluate, we should be prepared to steer our own course, no matter how battered or primitive our spiritual and physical conveyances are. If we don’t navigate our own course and let others or inertia do it for us we will always feel a niggling dissatisfaction; positive things won’t evoke the joy we anticipate and negative things will become the status quo. None of us deserve a negative status quo, but each one of us bears the responsibility for our own lives, not to drift on the tide of everyone else’s world. Don’t you think drifting would get awfully old after a while?




There are times when a person, an object, or a situation is coming at you and you really aren’t ready to face or confront it just then.

07-04-13 257aThe only viable option in those circumstances is to make for your bolt-hole, and stay there, until you are prepared to deal with your nemesis or it has gone away or is no longer so threatening or demanding. No one can possibly be ready for any and everything at all times, especially if there are things that frighten you or discourage you to the extent that you feel you have no choices. The best thing is to take some time to evaluate these things or people and make a thoroughly thought-out decision regarding them, but when time takes you unaware you must find a place to make the time to do so. Having a place to retreat while you are in a familiar and comfortable place is relatively easy, finding a bolt-hole in an unfamiliar place is more difficult and should be planned upon arrival in the event you are overtaken by an unexpected event.

07-04-13 258aMost might say that running or hiding is not an honorable or decent way to deal with a person or situation. On the other hand, one should always be prepared when difficulties are forthcoming and one’s preparations may not yet be complete. In which case being aware of one’s surroundings and making the choice to flee and fight another day, one should be sure of a place to flee to. Shouldn’t one plan for escape to evaluate in advance?