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Work becomes easier when it’s shared

Work is easier when sharedIf you choose to work alone is it because you think you can do anything all by yourself and want the sole credit for the work? Is it because you don’t like others and want to run things in only your way? Is it because you don’t want anyone to see what you’re doing? Or is it because the work only requires one to get it done quickly and efficiently, or to save others the trouble, or because you need some alone-time? Whatever the reason, isn’t it good to at least consider company while working?




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None of us like to wait; waiting is one of the hardest things we have to do. There is no getting out of it; at some point or other we must wait for someone who is late to pick us up, wait in a line for anything, or wait for an answer or some news, so wait we do, and in many different ways. The waiting we do can be beneficial to us and offer us some opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have: we could sleep and catch up on some much-needed rest; we could read fiction or poetry and refresh ourselves that way; we could study ourselves or for classes we are taking and take care of our assignments; we could watch other people and speculate on their lives. These are all things that are positive in nature that we can do while waiting for something, but there are things most of do which really don’t affect the outcome and serve only to make us angry or frustrated such as jittering restlessly, constantly looking at the clock, make futile phone calls, or get angry at someone who also has no control over the situation. These are in no way refreshing or relaxing ways to pass the time until whatever you’re waiting for comes to pass, they actually only waste more time and are helpful to no one. When one approaches a situation where it is likely there will be some wait time it makes sense to come prepared for it. What do you do to pass the time while you’re waiting?

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Needs must

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Because of necessity there are times when one must find the will to do things we know we have to but feel we haven’t the strength or enough time to complete. We must descend into the morass of  “issues” and “responsibilities” and “business” to just maintain the bare bones of our daily existence. This can be overwhelming at times to the point that we feel the need for some kind of expression; and we do express ourselves in many ways, from a rage to denial to passive-aggressive compliance with the demands being made of us. These responses can be momentarily rewarding however they only satisfy our immediate feelings, they don’t solve the ongoing circumstances that make up the largely dreary business of daily life. It may be for the ongoing good of and the transformation of this daily business to dive in and wrestle straightforwardly and actively with it; with a small change in attitude you may find the daily grind challenging in a positive way and find new aspects of it to enjoy and feel satisfaction in the small goals accomplished by head-on attack. The water may not be as deep or the bottom as frightening as you might think. Often tasks have a way of diminishing the dread of beginning them once they have been started; completion becomes easier and your satisfaction with yourself becomes more attainable every day. The efforts you make at mundane work do not need to remain mundane. With a small change in the attitude toward your effort a small amount of earned pride goes a long way. This can lead to positive self-esteem if built up moment by moment and day by day. Once a routine or standard you set yourself has been established and adhered to you could find that there is nothing drab or dreary about taking care of necessary tasks. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy and take pride in the dull necessities of life than rant and rail over them?