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11-03-13 034b

Toys are a fine thing to have, or to have the use of, for relaxation, learning, letting off steam and many other things. We all like some toys better than others, but a new toy is fun to experiment with, an old, familiar toy is a comfort and a friend, and a desired, but not yet acquired toy can be an incentive and a challenge. What we must remember is that objects are toys, living beings are  not, and should never be considered so. If you damage, physically or emotionally, a living being you, or they, may not be able to repair that damage. When you purposely damage a non-living object, you may not be able to repair it, but the only living thing you may have damaged would have been yourself. This is no good thing either, but is less damaging to more parties, and may prompt you into a greater sense of responsibility than you displayed previously.  We must decide when something can be considered a toy and when something is very definitely not a toy. Then we can make the choice whether to play games with an appropriate toy or risk damaging something that is not a toy at all. Would you choose not to choose, or would you choose to think before acting?


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04-25-13 018a

Being mad has a very different character  than anger; anger tends to be longer lasting and to be more intense therefore occupying much more of one’s attention and energy. No one can get through life without getting mad at times though getting angry is a very different and negative thing. We must be on the lookout to be sure that being mad is justified and is not directed toward inappropriate people or things. If one’s boundaries are temporarily invaded or a small item goes to someone else, not to you, then might be a time to feel mad and to express yourself about your rights and needs. Letting the mad build up to anger is not appropriate and will more likely harm you than the person or thing you are angry with; it is not worth the trouble you will end up with that includes others and yourself. Being mad is simple and over quickly, you can vent your feelings and trust that you will regain your control and humor shortly. With full-blown, simmering anger you can be sure of neither, festering anger will do damage to yourself more than anybody else. A quick and passionate mad will cleanse you of your negative feelings and possibly send a message to others that you will not be trifled with or walked over, but that you can and will move on. Isn’t being mad briefly better than being angry for the long-term?