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10-31-13 045b

We are a species that appreciates and actively works to be surrounded by symmetry; if there is a right side to something, there must be a left; if a certain amount has been given to ‘a,’ then the same amount must be given to ‘b;’ if a piece of art looks wrong to us, it’s because too much or too little of a thing on one side or the other. What we strive for in and outside our minds is a balance; a balance not skewed to one side or the other, but a balance indicating that there is no danger of falling down or shooting up in a precipitate manner. We’d rather maintain the status quo than to rock the boat, though there are always some willing to shake things up to see what will happen or to jar loose fresh ideas or ways of looking at things. This can be a boon if we have become complacent or set in our ways or glued to one routine just because it is a routine. But it is important to look at all sides of an endeavor, large or small, and once you’ve done that, a choice can be made whether or not to maintain symmetry or opt for a therapeutic change. Wouldn’t you rather make a choice than follow blind routine?


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08-27-13 003a

Alertness does not have to a state of constant tension or hyper-watchfulness though that is how it is perceived by many. To be alert is to be aware of the things around you and to be assessing their relationship to you and your safety and comfort. One must be at least somewhat alert so that one doesn’t go running into walls or tripping over everything in one’s path. We are more alert than we think we are when we are driving a car or even reading a book. Unconsciously we sense movements, changes in temperature, hear something just a bit differently; consciously we can bump our alertness up a small amount and thus, find ourselves ready to react to whatever is happening around us that may need our attention. We can also maintain a state of alertness regarding out own state of mind and the state of mind of others which aids in communication, the basis of any relationship. Paying attention is the most important thing we can do to keep ourselves content and to support healthy and rewarding relationships with others, whether they are friends, family, co-workers, or acquaintances. When we’re sunk in apathy or easily distracted we miss many things we should have paid attention to. Choosing to stay alert prevents misunderstandings and mistakes, don’t you think?



06-21-13 001a

There come times, sometimes frequently, when we need to rejuvenate. This needed journey back to youth, or to a youth-like feeling, can come about from physical weariness and stress, from mental weariness and stress, or just because. And the intervals between the need can vary widely. This is a time I feel the need for rejuvenation so I will be gone for the next week, being renewed and rejuvenated. See you when I get back.