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Over my head

IMG_4388aWhen you feel you’re in over your head do you do you hide with only your mouth or nose above water, run as fast as you can toward dry ground, or float and tread water until you’ve evaluated the situation, and only then act?


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RelentlessRelentless energy or curiosity or even optimism, though that can be wearing at times, are generally a treat to be around and a pleasure to observe. We may be a bit jealous at the success someone receives by possessing and using these traits, but mostly they serve as examples to us and encourage on our own way. But the relentless pounding of  countless waves of discontentments like not having enough money, going to work at the same dismal job everyday for little or no reward, or the desperate loneliness of one who spends little or no time around adults engenders many negative feelings. It is very hard to venture new things or throw oneself into tasks, or to learn when drowning in woe with no perceived support. However there is one resource we often don’t take into account; we always have it with us for it is ourselves. The relentlessness of boredom or repetitiveness can be overcome by the way we think about them and the way we think about ourselves. There is no reason for us to allow the less positive sides of life to rule our worlds; we can begin the challenging task of hauling ourselves out of all the negative bog we believe surround us. Can’t we?

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IMG_2651Water is ubiquitous and it has been presented as the staff of life, necessary for any carbon-based creatures’ very existences. Water has been worshipped, demonized, blamed for drought, celebrated for plenty, and has had intent, positive or negative attributed to it. We know, really know, when we are thinking rationally, that water is an inanimate object and that there are no living cells, aside from those in solution, that are a part of water. Yet we persist in anthropomorphizing it and virtually every other inanimate object, along with the living ones. It is understandable that we create characters out of living things; they can at least be construed to have a brain, whether they have one or not, however giving something non-living sentience serves to point out that we must personalize anything that has any kind of power over us to be able to try to understand its power and its mechanics. When we humanize something, including ourselves and others, we are more able to understand it and predict its actions and deduct its motives. We try that with water, wind, fire, and more – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But would you really like it to?