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Work becomes easier when it’s shared

Work is easier when sharedIf you choose to work alone is it because you think you can do anything all by yourself and want the sole credit for the work? Is it because you don’t like others and want to run things in only your way? Is it because you don’t want anyone to see what you’re doing? Or is it because the work only requires one to get it done quickly and efficiently, or to save others the trouble, or because you need some alone-time? Whatever the reason, isn’t it good to at least consider company while working?


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IMG_3303If you’ve ever watched a pair of skaters, or a well done classic ballet, or a fun and riveting marching band, part of the excitement and enjoyment is marveling at how well anywhere from two to hundreds can work together and appear to be making no effort to create any atmosphere they choose. It is natural to assume that these people must be close, must do many things together, and agree on most major issues; but that is not necessarily the case; in fact there are well-known couples in many of the creative fields that spend virtually no time together aside from occasional practicing. There are large performing groups that have never seen each other before their first performance and the chosen venue. This is not to say that it takes no effort to make a performance look effortless, but that there are extraordinary connections between some people who bridge the gap of personal likes or dislikes. Those who would like to strengthen their bonds might try a tandem something; if they don’t already have naturally strong ones, working hard at becoming a team will surely grow them. In any case, creating a mood or expressing oneself as part of a group acting in tandem is an amazing experience. Do you think you would like to experience that feeling more?